Chapter 1222: “Big Brother (2)”

    Chapter 1222: "Big Brother (2)"

    It might be due to the little Emperor's heartfelt cries that made the young man who had already lost his awareness recover that tiny sliver of self consciousness, or it might be that he was already tired from the struggling..... but the young man stopped his struggling, standing there unmoving in his spot, allowing the little Emperor's flowing tears to soak into his clothes.

    Grand Tutor He wiped away at his tears and went over to pull the little Emperor away from the young man.

    But the little Emperor showed an unusual instance of stubbornness, tightening his grip on the young man and unwilling to let go, his face red from crying as he buried his head into the young man's hip with choking cries, sobbing as he said:

    "Royal Brother you promised Little Jue before, that you would bring Little Jue to see the sights, the magnificent mountains and wide rivers outside of the Buckwheat Kingdom. You promised to..... bring me to the Thousand Beast City as well..... Royal Brother..... you will definitely recover from this as you have never lied to me..... Little Jue will make sure you recover..... Definitely....." The little Emperor cried till he was gasping for air. Nobody could understand the kind of despair he was feeling at that moment, a kind of despair that he wasn't tasting for the first time.

    Grand Tutor He wanted to say something, but his throat went dry, not knowing what he could say.

    The little child's soft cries were like a sharp blade, pierced into the hearts of every soldier of the Buckwheat Kingdom. They lowered their heads, unable to make themselves to continue to look upon their once brilliant ruler's current state. They also could not bear to hear their little Emperor's heart rending sobbing cries.

    "Your Majesty..... Your Majesty..... We are in the Condor Country's Imperial Capital here. If others were to see this, it might not be that appropriate. Let's first..... first help the previous Emperor into the house." Grand Tutor He fought hard to suppress the tearful voice threatening to erupt, and went forward to slowly pry the little Emperor's arms from the young man's body.

    The little Emperor was unwilling to let go as he wailed, but he had no choice but to release his grip, and made himself stand there to watch his elder brother being led into the house by the soldiers.

    Upon that handsome face, there no longer was that bright smile, no longer showed that familiar expression of indulgence he knew so well.

    Every time there was thunder at night, the person that would secretly come running into his palace and coax him to sleep, asking him not to be afraid..... would never come back again.....

    "Grand Tutor..... Big Brother will recover..... right?" The little Emperor asked, his tiny face streaked with tears, looking pleadingly at Grand Tutor He.

    Grand Tutor He had no choice but to nod his head.

    "Your Majesty, please do not cry. After the Condor Country's Emperor agrees to treat the previous Emperor, your servant was then take you to go see Little One and Little Two alright? I have asked the Young Master before this and he said that he will be staying in the Condor Country's Imperial Capital for awhile. We'll just have to wait for some days to pass and your vassal will then bring Your Majesty to go find them alright?"

    The little Emperor nodded still sniffling between sobs, the image of Jun Wu Xie's two adorable beasts appearing within his mind.

    Although the little Big Brother seemed cold and highly unapproachable, but whenever he went near to them, little Big Brother would very naturally put Little One and Little Two down, and let them play with him. Although those eyes were also cold, but the innocent child was able to feel that those eyes held no animosity against him.

    The feeling of both desperate longing and utter despair for his Royal Brother had caused the little Emperor to shift and transfer those feelings, and these days, he had almost seen Jun Wu Xie as his own elder brother.

    If his Royal Brother had still been perfectly fine, would he be just like little Big Brother? Bringing him to go see adorable Spirit Beasts, and stroke the fur of Spirit Beasts together with him?

    The little Emperor's emotions, gradually stabilized, and Grand Tutor He quickly sent him to his room to rest.

    His eyes watching the little Emperor drift off into a deep sleep tired from crying earlier, Grand Tutor He finally got up and walked out of the room with a sigh, shutting the door tight behind him.

    "Grand Tutor He." The Commander of the Royal Guards greeted, as he came walking over with red rimmed eyes.

    Grand Tutor He took one look at him and patted the man on the shoulder with a sigh.
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