Chapter 1223: “Buckwheat Kingdom”

    Chapter 1223: "Buckwheat Kingdom"

    "We've already brought the previous Emperor to have some rest." The Commander said in a voice pretending to be calm, pushing down the sadness within his heart.

    "That's good." Grand Tutor He said tiredly.

    "Grand Tutor He..... Are you really confident, that the Condor Country will accede to our request?" The Commander asked rather worriedly.

    Grand Tutor He's face then broke into a bitter smile.

    "I have no confidence. Not even ten percent. Our previous Emperor had turned to become like this, isn't it all caused by the Condor Country? Those words I said earlier were merely to comfort His Majesty. Moreover..... with the previous Emperor in such a state, would he even be able to recover from it at all?"

    The Commander lowered his head in silence. The truth was actually known by all of them, that Grand Tutor He's words throughout the entire journey were just to comfort the little Emperor, and they were just that, mere words of comfort. They knew it clearly in their hearts, to have the Condor Country lend a hand to treat the previous Emperor would be words only a lunatic would believe, but just that they did not dare say it, and could not say it out loud, or the little Emperor would surely crumble and collapse.

    "Then for His Majesty..... it might be difficult to tell him in the days to come....." The Commander said after a long moment's hesitation.

    Grand Tutor He sighed once more and said highly resigned: "We'll muddle through it somehow, dragging it out a single day would be another day gained. For the Condor Country to extend their invitation to the various rulers of all the different countries, I wonder what they have planned up their sleeves. We have to have our guard up and no matter what, we have to ensure His Majesty's well being."

    The Commander nodded determinedly, but a trace of regret came onto his face.

    "If it had not been to save us in the beginning, the previous Emperor would not have..... We were just useless, unable to protect the previous Emperor....."

    "That was the previous Emperor's own choice. The previous Emperor used his life to save all of you and all the more the bunch of you should protect the little brother most precious to him now. Our Buckwheat Kingdom's Imperial Family's bloodline had withered to just one lone little sapling which is our current His Majesty, so no matter what happens, we cannot allow anything to happen to His Majesty." Grand Tutor He said to the Commander.

    "Rest assured Grand Tutor He! Even if it costs all of us our very lives, we will not allow anyone from the Condor Country to touch a single hair on His Majesty! There is just one point your subordinate does not understand." The Commander said.


    "Since Grand Tutor He knows from the start that the Condor Country holds sinister intentions, then why..... must we accept their invitation to come here?"

    Grand Tutor He gave a long helpless sigh before he said: Why not come? With the Buckwheat Kingdom's tiny might, how are we going to stand against the Condor Country? If we do not come here in response, the Condor Country would have a legitimate excuse to raise their army against us. Do you think the Buckwheat Kingdom's army would be able to hold them off? At that time, the kingdom would fall and our people would die....."

    It wasn't that the Buckwheat Kingdom did not want to resist, but it was just that they had no way of doing that.

    The Qi Kingdom had their Rui Lin Army, with another army several hundred thousand strong willing to risk their lives, but what did the Buckwheat Kingdom have? The entire Buckwheat Kingdom's army from the top to the last man on the bottom, totaled up less than a hundred thousand. As the terrain was surrounded by mountains and had a lack of resources, their military budget within their kingdom would not be able to sustain a war. If an invasion really broke out, it would not even be three days before the Buckwheat Kingdom would definitely fall!

    The tiny little kingdom that survived between the gaps, had no other choice, but to constantly be tolerant, and who would know of the hatred they hid deep within their hearts?

    The Commander fell silent.

    In the afternoon the next day, the Condor Country's Emperor came out from the Imperial Palace and he invited all the other rulers within the Condor Country's Imperial Capital to proceed to a particular courtyard for a little gathering.

    The little Emperor was the youngest among them and Grand Tutor He had actually insisted to go with him but the Condor Country's soldiers had been highly aggressive and were highly adamant against it, bringing with them the Imperial Edict from the Condor Country's Emperor, that only the rulers of the respective countries were allowed to proceed on alone.

    Grand Tutor He had resisted against it repeatedly but he was struck and wounded by the Condor Country's soldiers. The Buckwheat Kingdom's Royal Guards wanted to retaliate but were no match for the Condor Country's overwhelming numbers and were overwhelmed. Left helpless and given no other choice, the little Emperor was brought away by the Condor Country's soldiers and as he was taken away, the little Emperor kept turning his head back to look at them, not forgetting to try to reassure Grand Tutor He.

    "Grand Tutor, when I see the Condor Country's Emperor, I will tell him about what happened to my Royal Brother. Grand Tutor, be at ease and wait here for my return."
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