Chapter 1224: “Courtyard”

    Chapter 1224: "Courtyard"

    As the little Emperor was led by the Condor Country's soldiers, he put on a brave front, not revealing a single trace of the fear he felt inside. But he was just merely between eight to nine years old and this was his first time stepping out of the Buckwheat Kingdom, his first time being separated from Grand Tutor He and those soldiers he was familiar with while these soldiers of the Condor Country were all fierce and murderous looking, which made the little Emperor's heart tremble involuntarily. However, he remembered that he was the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor and he must not bring any disgrace to the Buckwheat Kingdom, so, he could only hide his trembling little hands within his sleeves, and try his best to exhibit the calm composure that was what a ruler needed to possess.

    The Grand Tutor had said it before. He was the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor, and no matter where he was, he must never bring shame to the Buckwheat Kingdom's dignity.

    After walking for a long while, the little Emperor finally came to a courtyard of the Condor Country's. On the outside of the courtyard, a group of men dressed in lavish clothes with a crown upon their heads stood, having waited for a long while. The little Emperor remembered that Grand Tutor He had once told him, people who wore crowns on their heads were Emperors and he guessed in his heart that these men were all Emperors from different countries but he did not know why they were all standing here, like they were waiting for someone.

    The little Emperor's appearance attracted the attention of the other rulers and when they saw that he was so young that he would be around the same age as their grandchildren, they could not help but show faces tinged with traces of pity.

    The Buckwheat Kingdom.....

    The smallest country under the Heavens, a country that was so petty that almost no one paid them any attention.

    Even their ruler, was a child that was so young.

    Although the several rulers' eyes were tinged with pity, but at that moment, they were unable to concern themselves with others, as they themselves were feeling highly nervous themselves.

    The rulers of the various countries stood together in waiting, not even daring to carelessly talk with each other much. Although the Condor Country was not the topmost mightiest country, but their vicious and merciless ways were more greatly feared by people.

    If it was said that the Fire Country made the four seas submit to them with their absolute and dominating might, then the Condor Country caused the five lakes to fear them through their ruthless and cold blooded methods.

    After having waiting for a long time, the Condor Country's Emperor finally came sashaying in slowly with his guards escorting him. The Condor Country's Emperor was already past his fifties but he had maintained himself well looking like he was only in his early forties, his face rosy and filled with a smile, with an elderly man with a hunched back standing beside him, seemingly already in his eighties, the face wrinkled up and aged, but graced with a pair of eyes so sharp and penetrating that made people fear to look at.

    "Has everyone already gathered?" The Condor Country's Emperor asked as he stood on the middle of the other rulers, not showing the slightest courtesy to anyone, but portraying himself with a mightier than thou kind of loftiness.

    The group of rulers there could do nothing but nod smilingly.

    "Since everybody is here, then let's go inside." The Condor Country's Emperor stepped inside the residence first, and the elderly man followed right behind him. But just as he strode inside the house, his gaze suddenly swept over the figure of the little Emperor hiding within the crowd of people.

    That gaze was like one of a venomous snake, so insidious that it made the little Emperor felt a chill run through him. When the little Emperor saw everyone entering the residence, he followed them inside, not even daring to breathe too loudly, being highly docile and compliant.

    After stepping into the residence, the little Emperor could immediately smell a nauseating stench of rot, the putrid smell mixed together with a scent of herbs, the stench pungent, which made the little Emperor's brows crease up together.

    When they entered the courtyard, they saw the many large urns arrange neatly within the wide and spacious yard. The little Emperor stretched out his neck to look at them, and with just one look, it frightened him so badly that he almost fell backwards to sit upon the floor!

    Within those large urns, each contained a human being!

    There was a completely black liquid inside the urns that those people were soaked in, where only their heads were showing. The people who were soaked inside those urns, he saw that their faces were tinged with purple, but not moving the slightest inch.
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