Chapter 1225: “Malevolent”

    Chapter 1225: "Malevolent"

    The little Emperor was shocked and frightened. He had never seen such a scene before.

    The Buckwheat Kingdom's people were simple and guileless, everyone throughout the kingdom harmonious. Such a thing about soaking people in urns of poisonous liquid was something completely unheard of by the little Emperor.

    "How have the considerations from you gentlemen been coming along after the past few days?" The Condor Country's Emperor asked as he led the group of rulers into the courtyard, his hands behind his back, his chin lifted slightly while he stared at the men.

    The bunch of rulers lowered their heads, not speaking a word, none of them willing to be the one to say it.

    The Condor Country's Emperor gave a cold chilling laugh and said: "There is no need for all of you to be so nervous. I have merely invited all of you here to plan something big. This thing here will enable your country to be able to develop an army of merciless soldiers, where you will soon reign dominance in your area easily in the future. All of you gentlemen must surely know, in terms of pure battle prowess, the most powerful force will be the Qi Kingdom's Rui Lin Army. It is said that the soldiers of the Rui Lin Army are able to take on ten men to their one, all of them of exceptional ferocity. You gentlemen must have also heard, that just some time ago, I allied the Condor Country with the Prosper Country and two others to attack the Qi Kingdom together. In the end, an humongous army four million strong was completely annihilated within the Qi Kingdom's soil. The number of men the Qi Kingdom has in their army is known to all of you. If not for the Rui Lin Army holding the fort, how could they possibly achieve victory?"

    The various rulers became even more quiet. They had heard about the Condor Country's alliance with three other countries to invade the Qi Kingdom previously and the alliance had thought that they would win without a doubt but were held to drag the war out for an entire fortnight by the Qi Kingdom's army and the Rui Lin Army, and nobody knew what happened with the Fire Country then as in the end, they mobilized their army to come rescue the Qi Kingdom, pulling them out from the quandary.

    The Condor Country had lost shamefully, but the Condor Country's Emperor was bringing up the matter before everyone there like he was completely unbothered by it where he even blatantly extolled the bravery and might of the Rui Lin Army. Singing such praises of the enemy so unabashedly, really didn't seem like what the malicious and often merciless Emperor of the Condor Country would do.

    "A pity, but the Rui Lin Army only is loyal to only the Lin Palace under the Heavens while the Lin Palace pledged their loyalty to the Qi Kingdom. Don't you gentlemen wish to possess a force that could compare to the Rui Lin Army's most ferocious fighting force?" The Qi Kingdom's Emperor did not seem to feel that his defeat was shameful in anyway and he instead became more excited as he spoke.

    Unfortunately, among the many rulers there, not a single one among them dared to speak.

    A trace of displeasure showed upon the Condor Country's Emperor's face as he cast a glance at the old man at his side, and the old man signaled to him with his eyes.

    The Condor Country's Emperor then cleared his throat and said: "Looks like you gentlemen are still not satisfied with this. Why not I do this? I have just thought of a new idea. What all of you have seen is just child's play. Let me show you all something real. Guards!"

    A group of the Condor Country's soldiers quickly came in carrying a large urn. But the liquid within that urn was not black, but red, a bright red that looked almost like blood.

    "What you gentlemen have seen previously was just how we can turn people in soldiers as ferocious as the men in the Rui Lin Army. And what I have here, is something that will be able to create something that will be able to obliterate the entire Rui Lin Army with one man alone..... and even their entire kingdom, a maniacal man purely created for war!" As he spoke, the Condor Country's Emperor's eyes narrowed up, filling with a vicious and malevolent glint.

    After the group of rulers saw that urn filled with that blood red liquid, they all subconsciously took a step back.

    An ominous feeling of dread suddenly rising within their hearts.

    "But it's just that, if something so good, is used on common and ordinary people, it will be such a waste. For such extraordinary might that will be able to crush even a Purple Spirit, in the end, we will have to carefully choose someone worthy enough, before we can put it to use." The Condor Country's Emperor said, his gaze flashing with a malevolent chill.

    The old man beside the Emperor, suddenly whispered something into the Emperor's ears, and the Emperor's eyes narrowed slightly, slowly turning to fix onto the little Emperor standing among the group of men before him!
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