Chapter 1226: “Malevolent (2)”

    Chapter 1226: "Malevolent (2)"

    The little Emperor trembled under that gaze, subconsciously driven back a step.

    But the Condor Country's Emperor suddenly said.

    "You, come here before me."

    He pointed at the little Emperor who was retreating backwards before everyone.

    All the eyes that turned to look at the little Emperor were filled with sympathy.

    Having been pointed out, the little Emperor could do nothing but to step forward, his little body shaking.

    "Which country are you the ruler of?" The Condor Country's Emperor asked him.

    Although his little heart was filled with endless fear, the little Emperor however still articulated clearly as he said: "The Buckwheat Kingdom!"

    An eyebrow on the Condor Country's Emperor face arched up and he suddenly laughed out loud.

    "So it's the Buckwheat Kingdom. Ha ha..... Isn't that the place where the idiot Emperor who was willing to take the place of his own guards to become a test subject was from? Ha ha..... How interesting."

    That laugh was filled with so much malice it made the little Emperor shiver. But he had heard the Emperor of the Condor Country mention his elder brother in his words.

    "My Royal Brother is not an idiot! He is the best Big Brother in the whole wide world!" The little Emperor retorted.

    The Condor Country's Emperor was laughing so hard he was tearing up and he looked at the little Emperor with disdain as he said: "The best Big Brother? Ha ha, then tell me, which country's ruler under the Heavens will be willing to offer himself up in sacrifice for a group of his guards? If that doesn't qualify him as a idiot, what would? Be it guards or even an army, they are just pawns held in an Emperor's hands. If the Emperor let them live, they will live, and when he wants them dead, they will then die. Their lives are all held in the our palms but your elder brother had actually been willing to go into the poison urn in order to save those lowly people, doesn't that make him the biggest idiot under the Heavens?"

    The little Emperor chest heaved, feeling highly indignant as his tiny hands clenched into fists, his eyes glaring at the Condor Country's Emperor.

    "My Royal Brother is not an idiot! My Royal Brother is the best ruler there is!"

    The Emperor of the Condor Country just laughed and ignored him.

    Despite the rage that filled him, the little Emperor suddenly remembered the reason he had come to the Condor Country and he swallowed the rage back down his throat, looking at the Condor Country's Emperor with a slightly conflicted gaze.

    "Your Majesty of the Condor Country, I have a matter I would like to beg you for help in."

    The Emperor of the Condor Country stared at the little Emperor with an incredulous look in his eyes, as if he had just heard an unbelievably hilarious joke.

    "You want me to help you?" That was really too hilarious for words.

    The little Emperor nodded as he lifted his head, his face highly innocent as he looked at the Condor Country's Emperor.

    "Can you save my Royal Brother? Since you know what happened to him, then you must know of a way to save him right? I beg you, will you please save him....."

    The Condor Country's Emperor suddenly burst out in a fit of laughter, laughing so hard his entire body shook.

    While the other rulers were all looking at the clueless and highly flustered little Emperor with pity in their eyes.

    The little Emperor did not know what was happening, not knowing why the Condor Country's Emperor was laughing so hard.

    "I beg you. Cure my Royal Brother....." He attempted to further plead, not knowing what a ruler must do in such a situation, but he was just being the younger brother who only wanted to save his elder brother.

    The Condor Country's Emperor's laughter suddenly stopped and he immediately lowered his gaze to stare at the flustered little Emperor.

    "You want me to save your elder brother?"

    "Yes." The little Emperor nodded determinedly.

    A malevolent glint flashed within the eyes of the Emperor of the Condor Country.

    "Alright. It is not difficult for me to save your elder brother, but..... why would I want to save a person who has nothing to do with me?"

    "What do you want? I can give it to you, I'll give it all to you!" The little Emperor said, feeling highly anxious.

    One of the other rulers at the side really could not bear to continue to watch and he was just about to open his mouth to persuade the little Emperor to not say anything more when the Condor Country's Emperor raised his head and glared at him in warning, immediately shutting him up completely.
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