Chapter 1227: “Malevolent (3)”

    Chapter 1227: "Malevolent (3)"

    The ruler who had wanted to stand up for the little Emperor retreated.

    The little Emperor continued to stare with his wide and innocent eyes, completely oblivious to the evils of the world.

    The Condor Country's Emperor looked at the little Emperor through two crescent eyes smilingly as he said: "What you can give, I do not care for. But if you truly want to save your elder brother, do you see the large urn filled with that red water over there?"

    The little Emperor turned to look at the urn and with a tremble, he turned back and nodded to the Condor Country's Emperor.

    "You just have to go sit inside there, and I will save your elder brother." The Condor Country's Emperor said with a disarming laugh.

    The little Emperor was stunned.

    The other rulers at the side really couldn't bear to watch on. They wanted to ask the little Emperor to leave but the Condor Country's soldiers standing behind them had all already placed their hands upon the hilt of the swords they wore at their hips, and once anyone of them said a word, blood would immediately be spilled on the spot.

    Holding back against their will, they wanted to help the little Emperor, but their hearts were not strong enough to do it.

    They could only pray within their hearts, that the little Emperor would not really believe the lies spewed by that venomous snake.

    The little Emperor was silent for a long while, as he stared at the large urn filled with that red liquid with stiffened lips.

    "Is what you told me really the truth?" The little Emperor finally said after a long while.

    The Condor Country's Emperor gave him a wide smile and said: "A man does not give his word in jest, haven't you heard that before?"

    "Alright! I agree to it!" The little Emperor drew in a deep breath, and made that deadly decision.

    The Condor Country's Emperor's smile grew even wider. "That's great. Then hurry and go. You sit yourself in there, and I will save your elder brother."

    The little Emperor clenched up his fists tightly, and he looked at the Condor Country's Emperor's face which had creased up heinously from his smile, before stepping forward towards the large urn.

    When he got closer to the urn, he could smell a highly pungent stench coming out from it. That smell nauseated him but he hold only hold it in. The Condor Country's soldiers had already brought a little stool over, for him to use to climb into the urn.

    Stepping upon the stool, the little Emperor turned his little head around under the sun to look at the Condor Country's Emperor.

    "You've said it. A man's word is never in jest."

    The Emperor of the Condor Country nodded.

    "That's right. A man's word is never in jest."

    With the affirmation, the little Emperor did not hesitate any longer. He tugged tightly on his clothes, and with a splash, he leapt into the blood coloured water within the urn!

    The red coloured water splashed up, looking just like blood, sparkling under the sun's rays, a brilliant scintillation of devilish cruelty.

    The little Emperor had only just jumped into the the urn and the red liquid covered over his entire body fully. He immediately felt a heart rending pain surging into his body and in an instant, he felt his consciousness immediately smashed into smithereens!


    The little Emperor had never thought, that under these Heavens, such agony existed.

    Pitiful cries tore out from the little Emperor's mouth, as he struggled incessantly within the urn, but that unimaginably excruciating pain was pushing him deeper into that deep abyss!

    Under the sobbing and agonizing wails of the child, the Emperor of the Condor Country laughed hysterically.

    "Your elder brother was an idiot and you are one as well! Didn't your idiotic brother tell you? The one responsible for turning him into that monstrous state was me in the first place? HA HA HA! !"

    When the Emperor of the Condor Country had enough of laughing as he stared at the little Emperor being swallowed up by the blood red water, his eyes were filled with unbridled malevolence. He then turned around and stared at the group of terrified rulers frightened out of their wits.

    "It will only need half a day, and all of you will be able to see, what supreme power is. All of you here should really congratulate this little idiot of the Buckwheat Kingdom, to have gained such a rare and opportune chance. Afterall, being a powerful entity, would be more meaningful than continuing to be an idiot."

    Those words of the Condor Country's Emperor, sent chills through everyone present standing under the sun. They all stared at the urn of blood red water, their ears, filled with the little Emperor's gradually weakening and highly pitiful cries.
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