Chapter 1228: “To be Slayed (1)”

    Chapter 1228: "To be Slayed (1)"

    "Little Big Brother!"

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly woke up in shock, her ears seemingly still echoing with the little Emperor's wail of "Little Big Brother".

    Outside the window, the moon hung like a hook in the sky. It was deep in the night and the Condor Country was dead quiet everywhere. Jun Wu Xie climbed down from her bed, a feeling of unease growing in her heart that made her unable to go back to sleep. She walked over to the window and gazed into the night sky, the little jade pendant the little Emperor had given to her clutched in her hand.

    [Wonder how that little one is doing now.]

    Unable to sleep the entire night, Jun Wu Xie stayed up in her room planning how she was going to deal with the situation in the Condor Country's Imperial Capital. In order for them to successfully take the map from the Condor Country's Emperor's hands, they would need to avoid getting into any conflict with the people from the All Dragons Palace.

    The sky turned from night to light, and when the first rays from the sun spilled into the room through the inn's windows, an anxious rapping suddenly sounded upon her door.

    Jun Wu Xie got up to open the door, and saw Qiao Chu standing out outside.

    "Little Xie, an incident occurred!" Qiao Chu said.

    "What is it?" Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow lifting on her face.

    "Rong Ruo has been constantly sending her Hell Butterflies to observe that courtyard secretly but early this morning, something happened there." Qiao Chu said excitedly. When chaos erupt within Condor Country's Imperial Capital, they would then have an opportunity to strike.

    "It was said that a group of people had tried to charge in there for reasons unknown and they are now fighting with the soldiers from the Condor Country. Should we go take a look to see what's happening to get a better grasp of the situation?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow lifted slightly. To think that someone dared to get into a confrontation with the Condor Country's soldiers in the Condor Country's Imperial Capital. No matter who that was, it definitely wouldn't end well for them.

    "Do you know the identity of those people?"

    Qiao Chu thought about it a moment and said: "That..... I'm not very sure. But I heard that it was a group from a small country, and its..... its name was rather familiar sounding..... That's right! I remember it now, it's called the Buckwheat Kingdom."

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed in sudden surprise, an image of the face of the naive and innocent looking little Emperor immediately surfacing in her mind!

    All of a sudden, her mind could not speak another word Qiao Chu any longer and she immediately turned to grab up Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit before charging straight out!

    Seeing Jun Wu Xie suddenly leaving in such a anxious hurry, Qiao Chu's face filled up with surprise. Deeply worried that something would happen to Jun Wu Xie, he quickly hollered for the other companions to gather together and went charging outside, chasing after Jun Wu Xie.

    The sun was blocked out by a mass of dark clouds, the sky a dark grey, the gusts of wind blowing highly chilly.

    Jun Wu Xie sprinted the entire way, towards the place Fei Yan had told her about before. Although Lord Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit did not know why their Mistress was so nervous, they nevertheless followed closely behind her doggedly.

    Gradually nearing the target destination, Jun Wu Xie detected the stench of blood in the wind blowing past her, the smell causing the feeling of unease in her heart to grow more and more intense.

    In the area demarcated by the Condor Country's soldiers, many dead bodies lay scattered upon the floor. They were all dressed in armour that was uniform throughout, spilled blood staining their clothes and armour red, garish wounds all over their entire bodies. The bloodstains spread over their blood soaked clothes, fallen onto the floor, but their hands still gripped around their sword hilts, with several of the Condor Country's soldiers lying around their bodies.

    The citizens of the Condor Country had stayed away from that highly bloody and gory scene and the Condor Country's soldiers were not grabbing onto a wretched looking elderly man. That elderly man's face was covered in blood, held down forcibly against his will. Despite his highly bloodied face, the elderly man was still shouting in a loud roar against them.

    "The Condor Country are just completely venomous and foul hearted! Intolerable by the Heavens! Heaven is definitely watching! One fine day, you will all suffer retribution for what you have done! All of you will definitely suffer retribution!"

    That sound of that voice greatly startled Jun Wu Xie who had just arrived at the place.

    [That elderly man covered all over with wounds right in front. Wasn't that the person who had previously invited her to travel together with them, the Buckwheat Kingdom's Grand Tutor He! ?]
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