Chapter 1229: “To be Slayed (2)”

    Chapter 1229: "To be Slayed (2)"

    The previously steady and dignified Grand Tutor He had now fallen into such a wretched state!

    The soldiers from the Condor Country completely disregarded Grand Tutor He's curse. They had already raised up their sharp swords high, and were about to thrust them towards Grand Tutor He!

    However, just at the very first instant that the swords pierced through Grand Tutor He's skin on his chest!

    A humongous black shadow barreled right into the group of soldiers from the Condor Country!


    The massive black beast was like a black bolt of lightning, tearing the soldiers grabbing onto Grand Tutor He into shreds in an instant. Quickly throwing the severely weakened and completely limp Grand Tutor He onto its back, the black beast leapt up at an extremely fast speed onto a rooftop at the side, speedily disappearing from sight before the soldiers' eyes, and the soldiers flew into a sudden panic as they searched all over the place in a fluster.

    However, a tall figure appeared soundlessly and unnoticed under that chaos among a pile of dead bodies.

    The young man's seemingly detached and completely expressionless face showed not a single trace of emotion. His head was lowered as he looked at the fallen soldiers of the Buckwheat Kingdom, those eyes looking like dried up wells seemed like something was struggling to break out within them. He raised his head up slowly, the dark purple skin on him suddenly turning into a shade of blood!

    The black beast carried the weak Grand Tutor He on its back and threw off the pursuit of the Condor Country's soldiers and gently slipped the Grand Tutor off its back onto the ground within a dark alley. Having fallen under the merciless grip and given in to throes of hopeless despair, Grand Tutor He stared in surprise at the seemingly spirit inclined and highly intelligent black beast. His entire body was covered in wounds, the heavy loss of blood causing him to be unable to do anything but lean helplessly against the wall.

    A petite figure then appeared beside the black beast and Grand Tutor He struggled to raise his head to look, and he saw that familiar face looking straight at him.

    "It's you!" Grand Tutor He's eyes went wide as he stared at the delicate youth before him, a glimmer of hope suddenly shining within his eyes.

    "What happened back there?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her face in a frown as she looked at Grand Tutor He. Before Qiao Chu came bearing the news, she had already been feeling uneasy and when she got to the place, she saw the tragedy where all the soldiers of the Buckwheat Kingdom lay dead upon the ground. If she had not gotten there in the nick of time, even Grand Tutor He's head would have been separated from his body!

    The Buckwheat Kingdom's delegation had come into the Condor Country's Imperial Capital for barely three days and what could have actually happened that would make all of them suddenly become so reckless to clash in an armed conflict with the Condor Country?

    "Save His Majesty! Save His Majesty!" Grand Tutor He pleaded, his face filled with despair. He could not be bothered with the pain wrecking at him from the wounds but fell at the feet of Jun Wu Xie, tugging at the hem of her robe.

    "Save His Majesty..... Save His Majesty....." The voice so devoid of hope spilled out from Grand Tutor He's mouth, tears flowing down his wrinkled and aged face, almost having given up on it all.

    Jun Wu Xie's heart jumped and she immediately squatted down, popping a life saving elixir into Grand Tutor He's mouth.

    "What actually happened? Where is he?" Jun Wu Xie's asked, her words subconsciously speeding up.

    Grand Tutor He said in a wail: "His Majesty was taken away by the Condor Country's soldiers that day, to go to a particular courtyard, but he had still not returned till now....."

    Remembering the little Emperor's knitted brows and that reassuring smile to him, Grand Tutor He felt as if his heart had been cut by a knife. The little Emperor did not return that day and he had gone to ask the Condor Country for a reason. But the Condor Country had not even given him a single explanation which made him feel that the little Emperor had fallen to disaster. After trying to discuss it with the Condor Country but getting no results from it, they had then charged into the place, hoping to be able to rescue the little Emperor out from there safely!

    "I was useless! If only I had insisted on that day, even at the cost of my own life, to refuse to let the little Emperor leave with those venomous vermin! I was the one who got His Majesty into this..... I got His Majesty into this....." Grand Tutor He's hopeless despair and utter remorse pushed him over a deep cliff. How he wished everything could revert to the way it was. He had thought no matter how maniacal and vicious the Condor Country could be, they would not dare to so blatantly inflict harm upon the rulers of the various countries they had invited to their Imperial Capital, but he realized he had overestimated the character of the Condor Country.
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