Chapter 1230: “To be Slayed (3)”

    Chapter 1230: "To be Slayed (3)"

    He had thought no matter how maniacal and vicious the Condor Country could be, they would not dare to so blatantly inflict harm upon the rulers of the various countries they had invited to their Imperial Capital, but he realized he had overestimated the character of the Condor Country.

    Grand Tutor He had never expected the Condor Country to be so flagrantly impudent as to even dare to lay their hands upon the little Emperor when all the rulers of the various countries were also present.

    "Young Master! I beg you! Save His Majesty! This old man will kneel and kowtow to you!" Grand Tutor He forced himself up and knelt before Jun Wu Xie to kowtow before her, his head thudding loudly upon the ground.

    "I beg you! Save His Majesty! Save him please! He is still only a child!"

    Jun Wu Xie heart felt as if something was stifling it, highly suffocating. She helped Grand Tutor He up as an inexplicable fire spread within her chest.

    The Condor Country's impudence was far from only in this incident. She had still not settled the scores with them for the invasion of the Qi Kingdom and they had just added another instance to the debt owed today!

    Although Jun Wu Xie had not interacted with the little Emperor all that much, but she did not deny that anyone would like such a sensible and lovable little child that he was. Every time the little Emperor had addressed her as "Little Big Brother" in his clear childish voice, she had not been able to help herself but think, if she were to have a little brother, she would have hoped that he would be as innocent and as adorable as the little Emperor.

    "I will save him. Rest assured." Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed up, the murder in her heart already coming to a silent boil.

    She had initially intended to strike only after she had everything planned out, but now, she was about to make an exception!

    "Thank you! Thank you!" Grand Tutor He was shedding tears of gratitude as he continued to kowtow to Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie left some elixirs with Grand Tutor He and then turned to depart.

    The petite little back, flaring with unbridled murderous rage under the dark grey clouds.

    "Meh?" Lord Meh Meh followed closely behind Jun Wu Xie, its hooves tapping crisply upon the ground. It could feel Jun Wu Xie's rage clearly.

    The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit remained obediently silent.

    "Having received someone's favours, it must be repaid in folds. Still remember the little one? Now is the moment for both of you to return the favour." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up almost to a deadly slit, as she said in a highly chilling voice.

    Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit looked at each other and although they did not fully understand what Jun Wu Xie meant with those words, they had a rather good idea of what Jun Wu Xie wanted them to do.

    The Condor Country's Imperial Capital was covered by the dark grey clouds hanging low overhead, as cracks of thunder sounded within everyone's ears. The people walking on the streets raised their heads and looked up, watching the pitter patter of little raindrops falling, wetting the clothes upon them.

    A sudden blinding bolt of lightning lit up the entire sky!

    A gigantic figure suddenly materialized from within that brilliant flash of light!

    It was a pure and snowy white Spirit Beast of immense proportions. It descended from the skies, appearing soundlessly and unnoticed in a corner of the Imperial Capital!

    The soldiers guarding that area of the Condor Country's Imperial Capital stared in flummoxed shock when the gigantic beast had appeared so suddenly, their mouths agape like someone had taken all their voices as they fell back onto the ground in terror!

    A red flash of lightning then tore through the soldiers of the Condor Country! Before they could see what that red flash really was, their heads had already been lopped off from their bodies!

    Bright red blood spurted everywhere!

    On the back of the immense sized Spirit Beast and the red lightning flash, the soldiers of the Condor Country suddenly felt the consuming flames of despair quickly rising within their hearts!

    Howls of dismay erupted immediately at that moment!

    The men who had wilfully slaughtered every one of the Buckwheat Kingdom's soldiers saw their retribution coming to claim as the nightmarish scene appeared before their eyes!

    Blood and the falling rain mixed together. Jun Wu Xie stepped over the flowing blood coloured stream, upon the blood path Lord Meh Meh opened up, every spot she passed, the bodies of the Condor Country's soldiers lay, their souls departed.

    She was a demon who climbed up from the fiery depths of Hell, her fiery flame of vengeance ignited!

    The helpless cries of anguish screeched under the booming rumble of thunder, sounding like a discordant cacophony of a tune to send the departed off, delivering the souls of the Buckwheat Kingdom's soldiers who had died there trying to save a live, to finally rest in peace!
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