Chapter 1231: “To be Slayed (4)”

    Chapter 1231: "To be Slayed (4)"

    The path had blood and rain mixed together. Jun Wu Xie's face was cold as ice. Huddled in a corner as they trembled in fear, the soldiers wished fervently for the nightmare to end, but then saw figure of a terrifying demon approaching under the blinding flashes of lightning.

    It was clearly just a youth in his teens, but it made the soldiers who experienced war through the battlefield felt chills run through them.

    That pair of chilling eyes cut through the rain and swept over the soldiers hiding in the back in fear, and the stiffened lips parted slightly.

    "None to be spared."

    The instant the voice dropped, a massive black beast suddenly leapt towards those Condor Country's soldiers who were thinking to run for their lives.

    Jun Wu Xie's steps did not slow in the slightest as she continued to walk on forward. Howls and wails of anguish and terror erupted behind her, and the thick stench of blood caused her breathing to slow.

    Despite the heavy guard placed there, they were still unable to stop the ferocious attack from two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts!

    Those cowardly dogs of the Condor Country who abused their authority and position, were made to face the coming of Death.

    When the blood had fully stained the ground, and all the Condor Country's soldiers had been fully annihilated, Jun Wu Xie stepped into the courtyard. Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit then blocked up the entrance from the outside, standing guard over the area.

    As she walked further inside the courtyard, Jun Wu Xie detected a distasteful stench. The way forward had numerous Buckwheat Kingdom's soldiers littered all around, their blood spilt onto the ground. As she looked further up the path, she saw a line of blood stained footprints leading further inside!

    A continuous series of bestial roars sounded from further inside the courtyard, the sounds of fighting apparent, the thick stench of blood hung heavily over the spacious courtyard.

    Jun Wu Xie went further inside with every step she took, and then she suddenly saw a shocking sight within the courtyard.

    A young man with highly bulging muscles, his face similarly bulging with thick green veins, had his entire body stuck fully with arrows. A countless number of wounds filled his body and he was currently surrounded by a group of soldiers from the Condor Country, the soldiers constantly waving the swords they held in their hands at him.

    That young man merely knelt in his spot, roaring at the soldiers continuously, his eyes completely dull and lifeless, seemingly reacting completely by instinct.

    And the reason he was not able to retaliate, and unable to run away, was right in his arms.....

    In his arms, was cradled a red hair little child. That child had his black pair of eyes wide open, staring blankly ahead as he was cradled within the young man's arms, not moving an inch, those eyes similarly as dead and lifeless as the young man.

    But it was that face, that Jun Wu Xie would never forget.

    It was the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor!

    The child cradled within the young man's arms, was the missing little Emperor from the Buckwheat Kingdom!

    "Damn it all! Where did that one pop out from? Go and release those other poison men quickly!" One of the soldiers of the Condor Kingdom's shouted in frustrated rage. Faced with one of the poison man they have undergone alteration through the poison experiments, they were not a match for him. If not for the fact that he was protecting the little child, they would all already be dead.

    Hearing the order, another one of the Condor Country's soldiers immediately turned around, intending to go get reinforcements.

    But at the instant that he turned, a small pair of fair white hands suddenly clasped around his head!


    The soldier's head was plucked off by that pair of hands.

    Bright red blood sprayed out from the torn open wound. Under that garish bloody scene, all of the Condor Country's soldiers suddenly froze in shock.

    They all stared in flabbergasted shock with their mouths agape at the blood drenched little youth.

    Jun Wu Xie tossed the head she had torn off nonchalantly to the ground, and raised a foot to stomp onto it, crushing it in a splatter!

    "Who..... Who are you?" The Condor Country's soldiers were suddenly highly flustered. The petite little youth before them made them feel a immense hidden chill, the boiling murderous rage emanating from the youth almost causing their breaths to congeal suffocatingly.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. "The person come to send you on your way."
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