Chapter 1232: “To be Slayed (5)”

    Chapter 1232: "To be Slayed (5)"

    Those soldiers had not even recovered their senses when the Purple Spirit glow flared out from Jun Wu Xie's body.

    Once the Purple Spirit manifested, all the eyes of the soldiers almost popped out of their heads.

    [A Purple Spirit!]

    [That youth is actually a Purple Spirit!]

    The pure and utter despair almost crushed all their hearts at that moment. They had not even been able to let out a single sound when the Purple Spirit glow with the figure of Jun Wu Xie morphed into a speeding flash, sweeping through the courtyard with shocking speed!

    When the figure of Jun Wu Xie reappeared behind the Condor Country's soldiers, those soldiers suddenly looked like they were frozen stiff in their places.

    The Purple Spirit glow slowly subsided from Jun Wu Xie's body, and thereafter the sounds of multiple great sprays rang out!

    Heads fell off from the ten over soldiers in that instant, as great sprays of warm blood gushed out at the same time, the blood spray spewing in a shower into the air as they stayed a split second, and fell as a bloody shower, covering over everything.

    Under that garishly red shower, Jun Wu Xie slowly walked towards the little Emperor who was cradled within the young man's arms.

    That head of red hair, with that pair of red eyes, were so unfamiliar to her. Within those eyes, she could no longer find that innocence she saw in them before.

    The young man holding the little Emperor did not move, his body stiffened under the rain of blood as he let out a threatening growl at Jun Wu Xie.

    "I will not hurt him." Jun Wu Xie said softly.

    She did not know who that young man was, but she recognized that voice.

    In that last carriage within the Buckwheat Kingdom's convoy, the roars that had broken out occasionally had been from this man.

    The Buckwheat Kingdom's soldiers were all obliterated and this young man had appeared here and served as a protector that shielded the little Emperor.

    Jun Wu Xie believed, that the young man was linked in some way to the little Emperor.

    The young man's growl grew more and more faint, those dull and lifeless eyes not showing any light. But he slowly released the little Emperor he carried within his arms, his towering and bulky body finally unable to resist Death's enveloping grip any further. The numerous number of arrows lodged deep into his back in countless wounds had already drained him of all his life force. His hands' grip gradually loosened and the towering body fell over onto the ground.....

    The little Emperor remained in his spot staring blankly ahead of him, seemingly unaware of all that is happening, remaining still as stone.

    Jun Wu Xie hurried forward a step, wanting to check on the young man's injuries. But immediately upon checking, she was greatly shocked by what she discovered. The young man seemed to be incomparably strong, but all the meridians throughout his veins within his body had been thrown into complete chaos and disorder. Under that forced facade of power and strength, his body had been hollowed out and completely spent.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly remembered what Fan Zhuo had said, about the chilling experiments the Twelve Palaces had researched and developed.

    If her guess was not wrong, then this young man had been afflicted by that.

    But the poison had gone in too deep, right into his bones, and his spirit had been completely sacrificed, making the young man only a empty shell, like a puppet without its own will and consciousness, to surpass and breakthrough the body's limits, draining him out at an highly increased rate, towards complete burnout till the body was spent. The flesh on his body then quickly shrunk and wrinkled up at a speed visible to her eyes, drying up to turn the body to become just skin and bones.

    Everything had happened too fast and too suddenly. Jun Wu Xie had not been prepared for such an instance. Although she wanted to save him in her heart, but she was unable to defy the Heavens.

    The thin flesh on the young man dried up very quickly, but those eyes suddenly showed a trace of light. His gaze stared unwaveringly upon the back of the little Emperor, like he had thousands and thousand of things to say, but he no longer had the strength, and no longer had the time.

    "I will take care of him." When Jun Wu Xie looked into the eyes of the young man, for no good reason, she suddenly thought of Jun Qing, the feelings that only one's closest kin would show, greatly shook her.

    The young man showed the very last smile he would ever give in this life, before his eyes slowly closed.
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