Chapter 1234: “To be Slayed (7)”

    Chapter 1234: "To be Slayed (7)"

    But as things were at that moment, they wasn't any time for them to ask. Since Jun Wu Xie had already struck, then regardless of the reason, they would back her up to the end!

    Six Purple Spirits had suddenly appeared and together with the two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts, they sent that contingent of soldiers from the Condor Country right into Hell in an instant!

    Blood and death fell, and under the rain that was falling more and more heavily, those evil souls were all being delivered!

    When the ground at that place had turned a bright shade of red, when the citizens of the Condor Country's Imperial Capital were shocked awake by the ear splitting thunder, that was the signal of the arrival of the nightmare for those soldiers!

    Before the might of the Purple Spirits, the soldiers did not even have time to even call out, before they found that they were already no longer breathing.

    After the massacre concluded, Jun Wu Xie dragged the leader of the soldiers up from the ground.

    "Who is the one responsible?" Jun Wu Xie asked in a cold tone, her eyes narrowed.

    The man was so terrorized his spirit almost jumped up from his body. He had never seen such a terrifying youth. With just six people and two Spirit Beasts, they had already taken out almost a thousand men from the Condor Country's army, all within the blink of an eye!

    "Young Master..... Young Master spare my life..... I..... I really do not know..... what you are talking about....." The man said tearfully.

    "The Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor, who was the one who harmed him." Jun Wu Xie asked again.

    The man was shocked and immediately said: "It's His Majesty! His Majesty did it! I have nothing to do with it! The Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor came here that day and the idea suddenly struck His Majesty to make him an experimental subject, and that had....."

    That man had not even finished when Jun Wu Xie tore off his neck.

    Chilling murderous rage flared from Jun Wu Xie's body. Though that answer, was not surprising to her.

    "Good." The corners of her lips curled up into a chilling smile that had not been seen for some time, a smile that sent chills up the spines of Qiao Chu and the others who were coming over to her in approach.

    That was a smile, they had seen before.....

    And every time they saw that, it signaled that Jun Wu Xie was about to go on a brutal and merciless rampage.

    "Little Xie..... Should we leave this place? The Condor Country's Imperial Guards would have received the news and it won't be long before they would reach here. It is still not the right time for us to get into a direct confrontation with them yet." Qiao Chu said cautiously to Jun Wu Xie who still had that chilling smile upon her face, gulping as he said it.

    At that moment, he felt that Jun Wu Xie was a highly dangerous person to cross.

    Jun Wu Xie retracted the smile upon her face, and nodded slightly.

    The two Spirit Beasts reverted back to their tiny adorable forms in an instant, quickly leaving the courtyard behind them at great speed!

    The rain turned into a heavy storm, the raindrops beating incessantly upon the piles of bodies lying upon the ground.

    Blood mixed with rain flowed away sluggishly, but unable to wash off the sins committed in that place.

    The several youths returned under the heavy downpour, silently avoiding the teams of soldiers from the Condor Country searching through the city.

    Jun Wu Xie went back to her room immediately, and did not even have the time to change out of her blood soaked clothes.

    Within the room, a wretched looking Grand Tutor He was already lying upon the bed semiconscious. The little black cat had at the same time when it was bringing the little Emperor back here, brought the almost unconscious Grand Tutor He back together at the same time from the dark alley.

    Grand Tutor He was lying upon the bed, not moving an inch, while the little Emperor with his red hair and maroon eyes sat quietly upon a chair, carrying the little black cat in his arms.

    Qiao Chu and the others had returned together with Jun Wu Xie and when they saw the elderly man and a young child in her room, they were all stunned.

    "Little Xie, they are....." Qiao Chu began to ask, a little confused. The elderly man was still not that shocking, but that little child's looks was a little too strange for them to take.

    Red haired with maroon eyes. No matter which way you looked at it, he did not look like an average child.

    "He is the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor, and lying upon the bed, is the Grand Tutor of the Buckwheat Kingdom." The little black cat who was cradled within the little Emperor's arms suddenly spoke, as its eyes fell upon Jun Wu Xie's face with her furrowed brows.
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