Chapter 1235: “To be Slayed (8)”

    Chapter 1235: "To be Slayed (8)"

    Jun Wu Xie at that moment, it was thought, wouldn't really be in the mood to explain anything.

    "Buckwheat Kingdom..... But this....." Qiao Chu suddenly realized, that these people were linked to the news that he had brought to Jun Wu Xie just earlier that morning.

    But he did not know when Jun Wu Xie had gotten herself involved with people from the Buckwheat Kingdom which had made her decide to execute such a large scale massacre because of the little Emperor from the Buckwheat Kingdom.

    Although he was in complete agreement in his heart to the bloodthirst Jun Wu Xie had exhibited, he still did not understand the rationale behind it.

    "My Mistress came to the Condor Country's Imperial Capital together with them." The little black cat opened his mouth to say. During that leg of the journey, it had not shown itself, but had remained within Jun Wu Xie's body, watching everything that happened. It had not ever thought, that things would turn out like this for them.

    Even it came to understanding Jun Wu Xie, no one knew her better than it did, and hence, it could roughly guess what Jun Wu Xie was feeling at that moment.

    It finally dawned on Qiao Chu, and as he looked at the state Grand Tutor He and the little Emperor were in, he realized that those two people must be in a very bad situation. He and Hua Yao together with the others then knew well enough to not disturb Jun Wu Xie further, but had then shut the door behind them after quickly saying to just holler for them if they were needed.

    Inside the room, Jun Wu Xie did not say a single word, as she proceeded to stabilize Grand Tutor He's condition first.

    Although Grand Tutor He's wounds were rather severe, they were not anything beyond what Jun Wu Xie would be able to handle. After a few bottles of premium elixirs down his throat, Grand Tutor He's breathing became a whole lot more regular.

    From beginning to end, the little Emperor sat silently upon the chair, so quiet it almost felt like he wasn't there at all.

    Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit carefully slid over to the little Emperor's side. Although the little Emperor's looks had changed a little, but they could still recognize the now red haired little one, was the same little Emperor who had indulged them with much tasty treats.

    But within their eyes, there was much confusion and incomprehension. They did not know what was wrong with the little Emperor, did not understand why..... he no longer had that sparkle in his eyes when he looked at them, why he no longer cradled them in his arms to stroke and cuddle them.

    He was just merely sitting there quietly. Instead of saying that he was carrying the little black cat, it might rather be said that the little black cat was just sitting upon his lap.

    "Meh?" Lord Meh Meh pushed his nose against the little Emperor's little calf, but the little Emperor did not react at all.

    The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit nudged the hem of his pants, but it similarly did not get any response.

    Without knowing why, the two innocent little beasts became rather depressed. They did not fuss anymore, but just laid themselves down by the little Emperor's feet.

    After Jun Wu Xie finished with her treatment for Grand Tutor He, she went on to check on the little Emperor's condition.

    Upon that pale little face, she could no longer see the expressions she had come to be familiar with, the face after having been drenched by the rain, still held the two streaks left from the tears of blood he had shed, so faint it almost could no longer be seen.

    Jun Wu Xie held up the little Emperor's arm, and carefully took his pulse.

    The little Emperor's pulse was very much like the young man's from before, but with a difference!

    That young man's body had already been completely hollowed out, almost completely spent.

    But within the little Emperor's body, it seemed there were two opposing forces that were constantly clashing against each other!

    "Young Miss!" Ye Sha suddenly appeared within the room.

    Jun Wu Xie asked through narrowed eyes: "What is it?"

    "Your subordinate might have a rather good idea on what is wrong with the body of the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor." Ye Sha said while kneeling with one knee on the floor.

    Jun Wu Xie was surprised and immediately turned her gaze upon him.

    "You know?"

    Ye Sha nodded.

    "In fact, such instances had appeared in the Middle Realm before. Your subordinate had heard Young Master Fan mention it before, but what Young Master Fan knows of is not the complete picture."
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