Chapter 1236: “Scarlet Blood (1)”

    Chapter 1236: "Scarlet Blood (1)"

    This method where one's spirit was sacrificed, to enhance one's powers, had existed within the Middle Realm from a long time ago. And this method if it was to be further segregated, would be split into two types. The first type would be as what Fan Zhuo had mentioned, which was the most direct method, that would turn a person into a mindless puppet, greatly increasing one's strength.

    While the other type, was even more terrifying.

    That method would raise a person's powers to a completely new height, gaining them powers that could crush a Purple Spirit.

    "To gain powers that was able to crush a Purple Spirit, that was not be what an average person was able to shoulder, as that called for more than just breaking through one's limits. It was actually using a person's own life force, where it would be drained highly excessively, to allow them to become an undefeatable entity of pure power. But there was a great limitation to having one's life force depleted so excessively. Once that method was employed, then that person would not live past three days after that." Ye Sha told Jun Wu Xie everything he knew about that. If not for the little Emperor's red hair and scarlet eyes, he wouldn't have been able to determine what had happened to the little Emperor.

    And from what he saw, Ye Sha knew that only the second method would turn the little Emperor into such a state.

    "Three days' life left, in exchange for incomparable strength, created by a person who lost his entire home and family. His entire family was massacred, and he was severely poisoned. With nothing else worth living for, he had come up with this method where one sacrificed every last ounce of one's life. Almost no one would choose to use such a method, as..... the time was too short, and to prepare one for all the prerequisite conditions, the efforts needed were also highly daunting. After calculating all that that would take, with the exception of those who were willing to give up their lives, no one would choose to put that method to use."

    "The method has a name for it, called Scarlet Blood. Anyone who used Scarlet Blood, would not live past three days."

    Every word that Ye Sha said, struck at Jun Wu Xie's heart.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes to look at the blank faced little Emperor.

    Counting the time that had passed, the little Emperor remaining life, was only left with a day and a half? !

    That was a result that Jun Wu Xie would never be able to accept!

    "I will take up the challenge." Jun Wu Xie said through tightly gritted teeth.

    Ye Sha was feeling rather helpless. Although he knew the Young Miss highly valued the little Emperor, but the Scarlet Blood's poison, was not one that anyone would be able to neutralize! Although the Young Miss' skills in Medicine was absolutely peerless, but to unravel the Scarlet Blood, might just be too difficult a task.

    "Once Scarlet Blood is introduced into one's body, the drain upon the life force takes effect immediately, and the spirit is constantly being burned up. To save him..... would be highly difficult." Ye Sha said with a silent sigh.

    The afflictions to one's body might be easier to treat, but deficiencies in one's spirit was the toughest to counteract. How many people under the Heavens would be able to find a way to repair a person's spirit?

    Although such a thing existed, how many held powers like Jun Wu Yao's, who was able to retrieve it?

    Jun Wu Xie was unwilling to give up just like that. The young man's death had been like a branding iron, that had seared into her heart. That was the first time she had felt so helpless, where she could do nothing but watch on, as a person breathed his last and died before her eyes.

    Such an incident, Jun Wu Xie did not wish for it to happen a second time, and wished even more that it would not happen to the little Emperor.

    Even when Ye Sha said there was no hope, Jun Wu Xie still wanted to give it a try, fighting it with all her might!

    She took the little Emperor's pulse once again and detected that there were already symptoms of collapse and failure in the body, but they were happening more slowly than she had expected. Based on the rate it was happening, the little Emperor's life should still last seven more days, and not one and a half.

    That discovery allowed Jun Wu Xie to catch her breath a moment, but also made her more cautious.

    When Ye Sha saw Jun Wu Xie being so determined, there was no more that he could say, but just to stand quietly on one side.
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