Chapter 1238: “Scarlet Blood (3)”

    Chapter 1238: "Scarlet Blood (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie looked on in silence at Grand Tutor He's sorrowful wailing.

    "Young Master....." Grand Tutor He noticed Jun Wu Xie's presence and with tears running down his face, he did not forget Jun Wu Xie's benevolence for saving their lives. He turned around and kowtowed to Jun Wu Xie in gratitude.

    "Thank you Young Master for saving us! Thank you Young Master....."

    Such a similar situation, Jun Wu Xie had encountered many times in her previous life and she had thought she would be already numbed by such incidents. But this time, she felt her heart feeling rather suffocated.

    Looking at the current state the little Emperor's was in, Jun Wu Xie found it rather laughable. How could that be considered as having saved them?

    "Stand up and speak. Your little His Majesty's condition is currently highly critical and I need you to tell me some things truthfully." Jun Wu Xie said as she drew in a deep breath. This was not the time for her to allow her thoughts to go astray.

    As a doctor, if she was not able to maintain her calm at all times, and allow herself to be swayed by emotions, that would be highly undesired.

    Grand Tutor He was taken aback and he raised his head to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    "You..... You mean..... His Majesty..... His Majesty, he..... can..... can still be saved?"

    "It's not certain, but we will give it a try." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Grand Tutor He's face that was filled with despair suddenly showed a sliver of agitated excitement.

    "Young Master, you must save His Majesty! If you can really save His Majesty, you will be the Buckwheat Kingdom's benefactor, and this old man will slog tirelessly for you, to repay your immeasurable benevolence!"

    Jun Wu Xie then made Grand Tutor He stand up.

    "What do you want to ask..... Everything that I know..... I will tell you..... everything....." Grang Tutor He had already given up, and had never thought that Jun Wu Xie would offer him this sliver of hope to turn things around.

    Jun Wu Xie said: "What is the truth about his ring spirit?"

    Grand Tutor He was slightly surprised, never expecting that Jun Wu Xie would be asking about this.

    "How can a child at the age of eight or nine years old have a ring spirit?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Grand Tutor He.

    Grand Tutor He was shocked and his eyes showed a tinge of sorrow. He lowered his head and with a weak and trembling voice, he said: "The rabbit's tail on His Majesty's behind..... is indeed a ring spirit....."

    Jun Wu Xie's brows creased together.

    However, Grand Tutor He continued on: "Only..... that ring spirit, does not belong to His Majesty himself, but..... but to his elder brother, who was also the Buckwheat Kingdom's previous Emperor."

    Transferring a ring spirit, that was the first time Jun Wu Xie was hearing about it, but she did not doubt the veracity of Grand Tutor He's words. Afterall, when she had checked the little Emperor's condition earlier, she had ascertained that the other spirit force was a ring spirit as well, but just that its presence in there was strange, which did not coincide with the little Emperor's young age.

    "A year ago, the throne of the Buckwheat Kingdom was still held by the previous Emperor. He was His Majesty's elder brother....."

    The Buckwheat Kingdom at that time, had the little Emperor's elder brother inherit the throne, to become the ruler of the kingdom. The young ruler held great aspirations and magnificent goals. He personally selected his own team of Imperial Guards, and trained together with them, not showing the tiniest sliver of a ruler's loftiness.

    In the Buckwheat Kingdom, he was well loved by the people.

    But such a young Emperor who was just like the rising sun, suddenly met with a mishap!

    A delegation from the Condor Country had then suddenly visited upon the Buckwheat Kingdom, with the Condor Country's Emperor having come personally, which made everyone within the Buckwheat Kingdom think it rather strange. The previous Emperor was careful in his dealings and treated them with politeness. Unexpectedly, the Condor Country's Emperor had then said he knew of a method, that could make a person extremely powerful and that he wanted to use the Imperial Guards of the Buckwheat Kingdom to experiment on it.

    In order to prevent the Imperial Guards from falling to harm, the previous Emperor  volunteered himself to take their place, and he was set to be consigned to eternal damnation from that moment henceforth!

    His body might not have died, but his spirit was destroyed. The previous Emperor's ring spirit did not disappear, but instead, transferred itself to remain within the little Emperor's body.
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