Chapter 1239: “Scarlet Blood (4)”

    Chapter 1239: "Scarlet Blood (4)"

    Although ring spirits were innately linked with the people they were matched with, but many ring spirits develop close feelings of attachment with their owners and become unwilling to depart, thinking of various ways to remain around their owners. They were linked to their owner's spirit and resides within the owner's body. Although the little Emperor's elder brother's spirit had been destroyed, but the body still remained in this realm. His ring spirit had then thought of a way to move itself into the little Emperor's body, to protect his owner's most beloved little brother.

    It then dawned upon Jun Wu Xie, and she finally knew, from where the strange force inside the little Emperor's body had come from.

    That was the little Emperor's elder brother's ring spirit and it was using its own spirit power to protect the little Emperor from being harmed by the Sacrlet Blood.

    "It's all thanks to it." Jun Wu Xie said softly.

    "What?" Grand Tutor He did not understand.

    "It saved the little His Majesty's life." Jun Wu Xie was not going to waste the time to wait any longer. Every second longer that the little Emperor lived, the ring spirit was using its own spirit force and life in exchange for it.

    That ring spirit wasn't that powerful, and the gradual drain upon it would not allow it to last much longer.

    Jun Wu Xie would need to use this small window of time, to find a cure of the little Emperor's condition, or everything would finally come to naught.

    Just as Ye Sha had said, the Scarlet Blood's toxicity was highly lethal and if not for that ring spirit resisting it, with the little Emperor's young age, he would not have lasted even one day. Although the Scarlet Blood was within the little Emperor's body at that moment, it had not spread too deep inside as a large part of the toxins had been kept back by the ring spirit, which had delayed the little Emperor's impending death.

    If the situation had been like that young man, where the poison had spread throughout his entire body and seeped into the bones, even if Jun Wu Xie wanted to save him, it would require her to have adequate time and the little Emperor would not be able to last that long a period.

    But now, things had become somewhat easier. As the poison had not spread into the little Emperor's body entirely, and the ring spirit was currently working to shield the little Emperor's heart meridian, it gave Jun Wu Xie enough time.

    Grand Tutor He watched as Jun Wu Xie treated the little Emperor's condition, thousands of words in his heart could only be expressed with a deep bow. He did not dare disrupt Jun Wu Xie's actions in any way, but remained unmoving on one side.

    While Jun Wu Xie was providing treatment for the little Emperor, the Condor Country was in a state of upheaval. Someone had actually dared to commit a complete massacre on such a large scale upon the Condor Country's soldiers right within the Condor Country's Imperial Capital itself! That was a direct slap to the Condor Country's Emperor's face, trampling his Imperial authourity into the mud.

    In an instant, the guards were all doubled everywhere throughout the Condor Country's Imperial Capital.

    For two whole days, Jun Wu Xie did not take a single step out from her room. She had focused all her attention upon the little Emperor.

    The little Emperor lay with his eyes closed upon the bed, completely motionless, a very faint white glow shrouding over his entire body. Jun Wu Xie stood by the bed, that attractive face with delicate features showing a tinge of paleness, but that pair of eyes remained just as bright.

    That faint white glow very slowly, upon the little Emperor's chest, gradually coalesced into the shape of a little palm sized rabbit. But the figure of the rabbit was very faint and looked like an illusion, the translucent rabbit seemingly formed from a wisp of clear smoke, fleeting and unreal, its almost imaginary shadow looking weak and fragile.

    "Rest assured. He will recover." Jun Wu Xie said softly, not certain that the rabbit shaped ring spirit would be able to hear her.

    After its owner's spirit had disappeared, it had forcibly transferred itself into the little Emperor's body, and it was now resisting against the Scarlet Blood toxins to protect the little Emperor, which had completely depleted all its strength, and it was not even able to morph into its material form. It looked at the little Emperor and then turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, before its surreal little figure silently dissipated into the air.....

    It had done all that it could, on behalf of its Master, to protect the little Emperor.
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