Chapter 1240: “What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (1)”

    Chapter 1240: "What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (1)"

    When Jun Wu Xie came out from her room, Grand Tutor He who had been waiting outside for a long time immediately went up to her. His face was filled with anxiety and Qiao Chu with the others all turned to look at her from the side.

    "His Majesty, he....." Grand Tutor He began to say as he looked anxiously at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes filled with anticipation and worry.

    "His life is no longer in any danger." Jun Wu Xie finally said.

    Grand Tutor He's body began to shake uncontrollably, the ecstatic joy in his heart rendered him completely speechless, and he could only bowed continuously before Jun Wu Xie.

    However, only the little Emperor's life had been saved. His elder brother's ring spirit had blocked out the lethal poison in the body, but it had not been able to save the little Emperor's spirit. Although Jun Wu Xie had neutralized the toxins within the body, she had not been able to make his spirit recover. That one revelation had made the highly joyous Grand Tutor He fall another time into the deep abyss. As the little Emperor had been saved in time, his spirit had not been completely sacrificed, but the deficiencies in his spirit will cause his intelligence to be far lower than the average person. To put it more accurately, the little Emperor had now been turned into a naive and ignorant little idiot who would not know anything.

    When Grand Tutor He heard that news, he had almost fainted away. He forced down the sorrow that wrecked at his heart and pleaded with Jun Wu Xie, to allow him to go into the room to care for the little Emperor still sleeping in the room.

    Looking at the hunched over back of Grand Tutor He, the group of youths could only sigh helplessly.

    "Before this, I had known that the Condor Country were vicious and merciless, but I had not thought that they would bully the weak to such an blatant extent." There wasn't the slightest sign of a smile on Fei Yan's face as he said that. To be able to inflict such harm upon such a young child like that, just how insanely cruel was this Emperor of the Condor Country?

    "What he is banking on, is merely the military might of the Condor Country and the All Dragons Palace. Throughout the Lower Realm, with the lone exception of the Fire Country, which other power would be able to resist them? Or dared to defy the Condor Country's orders? The Buckwheat Kingdom was weak and its population was small. The Condor Country's Emperor had deemed them to be completely helpless against them and had been so overbearing and impudent towards them." Rong Ruo said with a deep frown upon her face. The little Emperor's bitter experience, had even pained them though he was just a stranger to them.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say a word, but merely listened to her companions quietly. Although she had not slept for two days, she still did not feel tired, only feeling that there was something brewing within her heart.

    "Does being from a small country mean that you have to be trampled by others as they wish?" Qiao Chu spat out through gritted teeth, his fists tightly clenched. They had heard all about the Buckwheat Country's Emperor and his elder brother from Grand Tutor He and all the unimaginable experiences they had been forced to go through, greatly angered the fiery youth.

    "Secure in the knowledge he holds the upper hand, the Condor Country used the Buckwheat Kingdom as a warning to all the other countries. What he wants, is merely for all the other rulers of the various countries to fear and submit to him. The Buckwheat Kingdom, to him, was too small to be of much use and was made to become the sacrifice." Fan Zhuo added with a sigh.

    "Very well." Jun Wu Xie suddenly spoke up.

    The eyes of Qiao Chu and all the other companions immediately turned upon Jun Wu Xie.

    "Little Xie..... What were you referring to when you said very well?" Qiao Chu was rather puzzled.

    Jun Wu Xie smiled chillingly and said: "Since the Condor Country likes to bully people weaker than them so much, I should adapt to what they fancy," Her eyes narrowed up as she spoke. Bullying the weak right? Then she would really want the Condor Country to properly experience it, to realize what it truly meant by bullying the weak!

    "Little Xie, you wouldn't really be thinking....." Fan Zhuo immediately understood what Jun Wu Xie meant, and his eyes widened with surprise.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "So what if I am? This time, I want to play the game differently, and the Condor Country better be able to withstand it!"

    Different strokes for different folks. When going against the Condor Country, she wouldn't mind revising and adapting to use a method she had never used before, to let them have a good taste of their very own medicine!
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