Chapter 1241: “What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (2)”

    Chapter 1241: "What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (2)"

    The Condor Country was strong and mighty, but it was still not as mighty as the Fire Country!

    Jun Wu Xie really wouldn't find, using her distinguished title as the Emperor of the Fire Country, to properly teach the Condor Country's Emperor, what it truly meant..... to bully the weak!

    "But, the people from the All Dragons Palace are within the Condor Country." Hua Yao reminded warily.

    If it was judged solely based on the individual country's might, the Condor Country would naturally pale in comparison to the Fire Country. But if they had the Twelve Palaces backing them up, then it was no longer definite.

    "The Condor Country has the All Dragons Palace, then wouldn't the Fire Country have other palaces backing them up as well?" Jun Wu Xie said with a cold smile.

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused everyone to be rather taken aback.

    Fan Zhuo stared at Jun Wu Xie a moment, and suddenly laughed out aloud.

    "What Little Xie said sounds reasonable. Seven palaces among the Twelve Palaces hold a portion of the map leading to the Dark Emperor's Tomb, and they are all highly wary and guarded against each other where they would naturally not reveal whatever information or plans they have to other palaces. The All Dragons Palace had already seeked out the Condor Country to be their sacrificial lamb, why couldn't the other palaces do the same thing?" The Condor Country when compared to the Fire Country, was inferior by quite a good amount. Hence, the people from the All Dragons Palace, wouldn't be able to ascertain that the Fire Country did not have the support of other palaces."

    The Twelve Palaces were all against each other, but at the same time they did not dare to be too obvious about it. As long as they made the people from the All Dragons Palace think that the Fire Country had the support from another palace, they wouldn't really dare to kick up too big a fuss with the Fire Country for the mere sake of the Condor Country.

    Moreover, the Fire Country were previously indeed in contact with the Twelve Palaces and it wouldn't take them much to put on a show.

    "Little Xie is intending to have the people from the All Dragons Palace to spare the rat in fear of breaking the vases?" Hua Yao asked, as he arched up an eyebrow.  [Translator Note from Cloud: Chinese Idiom: to forgive a minor infraction in fear of bigger repercussions. (Best I could translate somewhat, thought the literal translation would fit better here.)]

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head.

    When the two countries both have the Twelve Palaces behind them, they would then have to fight, based purely on their own strengths.

    And the Condor Country when faced with the Fire Country in their face, would they dare to continue to act impetuously?

    "To make the people from the All Dragons Palace apprehensive, we will need to put forth an adequate display of power. The few of us will be able to pretend to be members of one of the Twelve Palaces, but I'm afraid that might still not be enough." Fan Zhuo reasoned as he rubbed at his chin. In the end, all of them still couldn't be considered as true Purple Spirits.

    "Ye Sha." Jun Wu Xie called out with her eyes narrowed.

    The figure of Ye Sha suddenly materialized beside Jun Wu Xie.

    "What instructions does the Young Miss have for me?"

    "Will you be able to disguise yourself as someone from the Twelve Palaces?" Jun Wu Xie asked. She had never once seen Ye Sha use any spirit power.

    Ye Sha replied: "Although your subordinate does not use spirit power, but if the Young Miss requires me to, I can transform my powers into it." Upon saying that, Ye Sha released his power in a flare, suddenly changing the black mist encompassing his body into the brilliant glow of a Purple Spirit. The pure and completely unadulterated purple, and the depth of its shade, greatly shocked Qiao Chu and all the others standing at the side!

    Even among Purple Spirits, this spirit power glow exemplified the very pinnacle of its overwhelming might!

    "Alright." Jun Wu Xie nodded in satisfaction.

    "Tomorrow, send the Condor Country's Emperor a diplomatic notice, saying that the Fire Country's Emperor Jun Xie, will be paying him a visit!" Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

    This time, she wanted to seek justice for for all Qi Kingdom's soldiers who died, the Rui Lin Army's men who fought to their deaths for the Lin Palace, and the little Emperor of the Buckwheat Kingdom! She wanted to trample the Condor Country's Emperor under her foot, before the eyes of the masses, to mercilessly tear that ugly face to shreds!


    Within the Condor Country's Imperial Palace, the Condor Country's Emperor's face was furious and looking highly vicious. He stared with rage filled eyes at the officer kneeling in front of him.

    "An entire bunch of good for nothings! Haven't any of you been able to capture the culprit yet?"

    Not too long ago, the courtyard had been attacked, and there had been a large number of deaths. He had ordered for people to investigate the matter but there had still been no conclusion even after so long.

    Having had someone stir up such a huge ruckus within the Imperial City itself, where they had even taken the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor away, that inadvertently was as good as delivering a good tight slap upon him, where he lost all face being properly humiliated, which the Condor Country's Emperor was unable to swallow no matter what!

    The officer kneeling upon the floor started to say in a trembling voice: "Your subordinate has already assigned more men to investigate deeper into it, and they will soon find those people out!"
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