Chapter 1242: “What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (3)”

    Chapter 1242: "What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (3)"

    The Condor Country's Emperor cursed vulgarly in unbridled rage, the ruthlessness on his face highly evident.

    "All of you are just useless imbeciles! Letting a whole bunch of fugitives escape under your lousy noses, and not even able to stop a single one!"

    The officer did not dare to say a single word in retort, bitterness filling up inside his heart. They had really wanted to stop them, but those youths are all been highly extraordinary! With all of them holding the power of the Purple Spirit, how could their regular soldiers be able to stop any of them?

    If not for the fact that those culprits had not wanted to drag the battle out, with just the soldiers they had within the city, forget about capturing one or two of them, it was already highly fortunate for them that they had not been fully wiped out.

    Unable to give voice to the difficulties he had faced, the officer could do nothing but to continue to kneel there in silence.

    The Condor Country's Emperor was in a furious rage. The Condor Country had always been the one bullying others with their might, and someone actually dared to stir up such havoc right within his very Imperial City, where did that throw his dignity as a ruler to?

    "All trash! Scram the hell out of here! If you still do not give me some results soon, you know very well what you must then do!"

    The officer trembled, and he retreated out from the main hall immediately.

    After he left, a figure with a crooked back suddenly appeared within the main hall.

    Still filled with rage, the Condor Country's Emperor had upon seeing the old man, immediately walked down from his throne in a hurry, and said respectfully in greeting: "Elder Huang!"

    The old man nodded slightly. He was the very same old man who had gone to the courtyard with the Condor Country's Emperor on that day.

    "The matter still has not been cleared up?" Elder Huang questioned.

    The Condor Country's Emperor's face stiffened, and he said cautiously: "It's all because those good for nothings are all useless. Till now they still have not managed to find any leads into it. But rest assured Elder Huang, I will definitely capture those culprits! They actually dared to create such havoc within the Condor Country's Imperial City and even snatched the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor away. In this matter, I will definitely not give it any rest!"

    Elder Huang glanced at the Condor Country's Emperor and said: "To have been able to strike directly inside the courtyard, kill off a thousand of your soldiers, and rescue the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor before retreating from there still in one piece, those people surely aren't simpletons. I had heard that they even had two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts with them, in this matter, I think it will not be an easy thing to handle....."

    The Condor Country's Emperor was slightly taken aback. He had heard about that too. On that day that the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor had been taken away, there had only been six people who came into the courtyard, but they had all possessed the powers of the Purple Spirit, and had even two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts holding the fort for them as well. With such overwhelming battle powers, they were not a force that his men's soldiers were able to resist against. He had now mobilized so much resources to look into the matter, a large part of it was merely just to put on a show for Elder Huang.

    "Forget it. Let the matter rest for the time being. That little one from the Buckwheat Kingdom was afflicted Scarlet Blood and he would have long to live. No matter where those people were from, since they came here only to save him, there is no need to probe further into it. From the time that has passed, I am guessing the little one should already be dead." Elder Huang said, letting out a low laugh. He could still remember when he had seen that child for the first time, the naivety and ignorance in that pair of big innocent eyes, such liveliness, would always give rise to the desire to ruin it all in a person's heart.

    "Yes! It will be as Elder Huang ordered." The Condor Country's Emperor acknowledged, secretly wiping off the cold sweat from his brow.

    "The last two Emperors of the Buckwheat Kingdom had died under your scheming plots, and the Buckwheat Kingdom's Imperial Family bloodline has withered. Although that country is a little small, but they would still be able to be of some use. What do you intend to deal with them?" Elder Huang asked, with a sideways glance at the Condor Country's Emperor.

    The Condor Country's Emperor was slightly shocked by the question and he replied hurriedly: "The Buckwheat Kingdom had incited chaos against the Condor Country, where their soldiers actually dared to raise their arms within the Condor Country's Imperial Capital. It was an obvious sign they were trying to stir up a war and I have given the order, that the Condor Country will mobilize its army against the Buckwheat Kingdom in the next few days. It is expected that it will not be much longer, before we will be able to take them down."

    The Buckwheat Kingdom's army might not be worth him taking any notice of them, but the Buckwheat Kingdom's citizens, would still be of some use. They were most suitable, for them to be turned into Poison Men!
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