Chapter 1243: “What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (4)”

    Chapter 1243: "What it Truly Means to Bully the Weak (4)"

    Elder Huang laughed out softly and looked at the Condor Country's Emperor.

    "You have been utterly vicious, to know how to use such a small country as a warning to the other rulers. By forcing their Imperial Guards to retaliate against you, it gave you the excuse to mobilise the army against them. With the way things stand now, the other rulers must have been frightened out of their wits and would not dare to resist against you. Actually..... based on what I think, it will still be the same whether they oppose you or not. Their armies, and all their people will finally still become Poison Men in the end. They are all only thinking of saving their own lives, not knowing that their countries would in the end still finally fall into your hands."

    "I think it won't be much longer, that the mightiest country in the Lower Realm, would soon become your Condor Country."

    When the Condor Country's Emperor heard those words, he did not reveal the slightest bit of delight, but merely said passively: "That the Condor Country will be able to enjoy such an honour, is all due to us having Elder Huang point the way out for us. The Condor Country will henceforth, follow Elder Huang's instructions, and all within the Condor Country will work towards helping Elder Huang unravel the secret behind that map as soon as possible."

    Elder Huang snorted and said: "At least you realized that. That offer of yours, this old man will just remember it for now."

    "To be able to be of service to Elder Huang, will be my honour!"

    As the two of them were in conversation, a guard suddenly appeared outside the main hall, seeking an audience to make a report.

    The Condor Country's Emperor immediately went back to sit upon his throne, putting forth the authouritative front of an Emperor.

    "Let him come in."

    The guard outside the main hall immediately came inside and knelt down to report: "Reporting to Your Majesty! The Emperor of the Fire Country sent an emissary here with some news."

    "What? The Fire Country?" The Condor Country's Emperor's eyes stared with surprise. If it was said that there was anything he had to fear under these Heavens, it would only be just the Fire Country alone!

    The Fire Country was too much stronger than the Condor Country and for many years, they had always been a source of pressure for the Condor Country, holding them back from making any rash moves. And it was not too long ago, when the Condor Country had allied themselves with three other countries to invade into the Qi Kingdom. And just as the Qi Kingdom was about to be obliterated, the Fire Country's army had suddenly swooped in to their rescue. They had not only saved the Qi Kingdom from their crisis, they had even annihilated the forces of the four country alliance within the Qi Kingdom's soil, without a single survivor!

    And when he heard the name, the Fire Country, the Condor Country's Emperor could not help himself but his heart jumped!

    Subconsciously, he turned his head to look at Elder Huang.

    Elder Huang's brows furrowed up slightly.

    The Condor Country's Emperor's heart was feeling rather flustered, but when he saw that Elder Huang was here he began to feel a little more at ease. So what if it's the Fire Country? No matter which country it was, the Condor Country now feared none of them!

    "What news?"

    "Today, the Fire Country's Emperor will be visiting personally, to meet with Your Majesty." The guard said.

    "Alright, I've got it. You're dismissed." The Condor Country's Emperor said, pretending to be calm and composed, but on the inside, the emotions that had just barely settled down suddenly became chaotic once again.

    [The Fire Country had not only sent news, they even wanted to meet him?]

    [And it's happening today!]

    [Doesn't that also mean that the Fire Country's Emperor had already quietly come into his Condor Country's borders unnoticed? And he was currently not far from the Condor Country's Imperial Capital? Or is he..... already here inside the Condor Country's Imperial Capital? ?]

    Having the ruler of another country, silently slipping within his country's borders, caused the Condor Country's Emperor to feel a chill run up his spine. The Condor Country and the Fire Country had just been engaged in war recently with the Condor Country's army being annihilated. Even with the All Dragons Palace backing them up behind, the fear of the Fire Country that was deep rooted into his bones still made the Condor Country's Emperor feel highly uneasy.

    "Elder Huang..... This....." The Condor Country's Emperor looked pleadingly at Elder Huang.

    Elder Huang instead replied: "First see what their reason for coming here is."

    The Condor Country's Emperor nodded and said: "It isn't that I am afraid of them. With Elder Huang here, so what if it's the Fire Country?" Although that's what his mouth said, his heart was still feeling rather panicky.
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