Chapter 1244: “I Am the Fire Country’s Emperor (1)”

    Chapter 1244: "I Am the Fire Country's Emperor  (1)"

    The Fire Country's Emperor's visit, would more or less, bring a certain degree of pressure to the Condor Country's Emperor. And it was not known how, that piece of news started to spread among the other rulers of the other various countries, which greatly stirred up their interest.

    The Fire Country and the Condor Country, had just battled in war and that was a fact that was known to everyone. For the Fire Country's Emperor to come here at this time, it surely wouldn't be for a simple thing like just a casual chat.

    At that time, having well suffered the oppression from the Condor Country, the rulers of the other countries began to anticipate the arrival of the Fire Country's Emperor.

    Just as the Condor Country's Emperor was trying to guess when the delegation from the Fire Country was going to arrive, several figures suddenly appeared right before the main gates of the Condor Country's Imperial Palace!

    The several people were gorgeously dressed but did not look ostentatious. The elegance exuding from them made them feel refined and highly distinguished.

    The group of people were led by a petite sized youth, his countenance delicate but he possessed an icy cold pair of eyes, the crown atop his head causing the passing citizens to stop and gawk.

    In recent days, the Condor Country's Imperial Capital had seen quite a number of rulers coming and the citizens of the Condor Country no longer found it strange and did not think too much into it.

    The Condor Country's Imperial Guards hurriedly sent the news inside the palace and the still unprepared Emperor of the Condor Country was stunned in shock.

    "Here already? So fast! ?" From the time that the news of their coming reached him, it had not even been two hours yet and the people from the Fire Country have already arrived outside the palace gates!

    "How many people came?" The Condor Country's Emperor asked quickly.

    "Eight." The guard replied.

    The Condor Country's Emperor then blew out a breath in relief. Only eight people, so it didn't look like the Fire Country was here to declare war upon them. Although he had privately prepared himself for it, but it wasn't the best time to fight the Fire Country yet and it would not be good for him to make his move now.

    "Invite them in." Immediately after saying that, he got people to go invite Elder Huang who had just left that place not just a while ago. Facing the Fire Country himself still unnerved him a little.

    Very soon, the Fire Country's delegation were being led into the main hall and the Condor Country's Emperor pretended to maintain a facade of calm as he sat upon the throne, his gaze staring fixedly upon the entrance into the main hall, when he suddenly saw delicate looking youth with a crown upon his head walking slowly to the middle of the hall.

    Sweeping his gaze across, there were five other outstanding looking youths behind the first youth, and a tall towering man with a cold and hard countenance, while a haggard looking old man trailed behind them.

    "May I know....."

    "You are the Condor Country's Emperor?"

    The Emperor of the Condor Country had not even managed to finish his question when the lead youth had lifted up his chin and through half narrowed eyes, he had spoken, completely cutting the Condor Country's Emperor off mid sentence!

    This was the first time the Condor Country's Emperor encountered a person who dared to interrupt him and his face immediately darkened.

    "I am, and you are?" He asked, looking at the delicate youth.

    "You don't know who I am? That's interesting. Don't tell me the Condor Country's Emperor is already so old his eyesight is failing that he cannot even recognize the Emperor's crown of the Fire Country? With such bad eyesight and still able to sit upon the ruler's throne, the Condor Country must have a sore lack of talents." Jun Wu Xie snorted with derision, her tone filled with contempt, not showing the slightest deference to the Emperor of the Condor Country.

    Finding himself being completely snubbed twice by Jun Wu Xie, the Condor Country's Emperor who had always been the lone supreme one suddenly found his face almost turning green. He had naturally recognized the Fire Country's Emperor face. When the Fire Country went through a change of regime, he had already ordered people to have the new Emperor's portrait painted. He had only said that earlier because he had thought that the youth was still very young and he had deliberately wanted to attempt to make a show of superiority from the start.

    In the end, the attempt had not only failed miserably but he had been overwhelmed by the young youth!
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