1246 I Am the Fire Country’s Emperor 3

    "....." the Condor Country's Emperor almost vomited out blood.

    [What was the Fire Country's Emperor real purpose in coming? Does he even know how to converse properly! ?]

    [Every sentence more prickly than the next, does he even realize on whose soil he is currently standing upon!]

    Seeing that the Condor Country's Emperor was already unable to suppress his rage any longer, Elder Huang was encouraged by the eunuchs to slowly walk into the main hall through the doors into the main hall.

    "And this here is the Fire Country's Emperor? Truly sharp tongued." Elder Huang said with his hands behind his back, his Purple Spirit's hearing allowing him to have heard the conversation within the hall before he got there. Due to Jun Wu Xie's aggressive and demeaning words, his face was furrowed up in a frown, highly displeased.

    [So what if he was the mightiest country's Emperor?]

    [Before the All Dragons Palace, that was just an ant afterall.]

    Immediately upon seeing Elder Huang appear, the Condor Country's Emperor was greatly relieved and his entire demeanor quickly strengthened. He sat himself up straight within his throne, looking completely not fearful of Jun Xie at all.

    "Elder Huang is right. When I first heard that a new Emperor had ascended into the Fire Country's throne, I had thought that it was good news. But never had I thought that the Fire Country's throne would have fallen into the hands of such a youth with such a lack of social etiquette and grace. With such conduct, how could one like this be able to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of an entire country! ?" With Elder Huang here to back him up, the Condor Country's Emperor had nothing to fear and his face became one who was immensely pleased with himself.

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at Elder Huang as he walked into the main hall, her eyes narrowing up.

    The Poison Men and the Scarlet Blood were things originally from the Middle Realm but had been brought here into the Lower Realm to wreck disaster onto the people. From the way the Condor Country's Emperor was reacting to this old man, Jun Wu Xie immediately became aware of his identity!

    At the same time, Elder Huang was assessing Jun Wu Xie. Seeing that it was merely just a young and petite little youth, his face showed further disapproval.

    "Elderly seniors are to be respected, or doesn't this little brat understand that?" Elder Huang stared at Jun Xie, saying in a lecturing tone.

    Jun Wu Xie sneered.

    "Where is the elderly senior? Before my eyes, I only see one that has been defeated by me, and another dirty old man whom I do not know from where he had sprouted out from. Which could claim to be an elderly senior to me?"

    Jun Xie's words greatly startled the Condor Country's Emperor and he quickly turned to look at Elder Huang.

    Ever since Elder Huang had come to the Condor Country, he had been accorded the highest respect and was treated as such. No one dared to say a word in disrespect of him and even the Emperor himself bowed his head and hung his ears before him. Jun Xie was the first person who dared to speak to him in just a manner!

    Seeing Elder Huang's face turning a dark shade, the Condor Country's Emperor besides being startled, was secretly delighted.

    Of all people for this young Emperor to antagonize, he had to choose to anger Elder Huang. It must be known that although Elder Huang intended to assist the Condor Country into unifying the entire lands under the Heavens, he still had not raised his hand before anyone's eyes yet. With Jun Wu Xie's insulting taunts, he had inadvertently slapped Elder Huang across the face. Even if not for the sake of the Condor Country, Elder Huang would never let him off!

    Elder Huang narrowed his eyes and his vicious gaze locked upon the figure of Jun Xie. "Little brat, do you think by becoming the Fire Country's Emperor, you can then do as you like? One who sees the sky from within a well, you really think no one will be able to touch you? [Translator Note from Cloud: Chinese idiom. You see only portion of the sky through the well's opening and do not see the rest of the vastness.]

    [This insects of the Lower Realm actually has the audacity to insult him! ?]

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at Elder Huang and said jeeringly: "What? You want to try?"

    Elder Huang then said: "So what if I try you? This old man here should teach you, this ill mannered brat, what it means by there's always someone better than you, and there's always another sky beyond this sky!"

    Immediately as his voice dropped, Elder Huang's body suddenly exploded with a purple coloured spirit glow!

    That brilliant purple coloured spirit power, greatly delighted the Emperor sitting atop the throne!
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