Chapter 1247: “Comparing Purple Spirits With Me? (1)”

    Chapter 1247: "Comparing Purple Spirits With Me? (1)"

    The Condor Country's Emperor had known all along that Elder Huang held the powers of a Purple Spirit but just had not seen him fight. Jun Xie was at that moment sitting right within the main hall and he only had a few guards with him, so even if he was the Fire Country's Emperor, without his million ferocious lions with him, before a Purple Spirit, she was currently highly vulnerable!

    The Condor Country's Emperor, almost could not wait to see Jun Xie's head separated from his body!

    If Jun Xie were to lose his life here today, the Fire Country would surely erupt into chaos, and at that time, he would just have to just sit back and wait to receive the benefits from them!

    The Purple Spirit glow shone brilliantly before Jun Wu Xie, but she continued to remain seated into her chair lazily with an highly arrogant demeanour about her, the side of her face resting upon her palm not moving even half an inch, her eyes calm as still water, her gaze staring coldly at Elder Huang who still had his Purple Spirit glow still flaring brilliantly from his body.

    "Purple Spirit?" Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow slightly, the biggest reaction she had shown.

    Elder Huang replied with a sneering smirk.

    The Emperor of the Condor Country took that chance to howl triumphantly as he said: "Your Majesty from the Fire Country, I really didn't set you up here. No one asked you to go antagonise Elder Huang out of all people. For a person as exceedingly powerful as Elder Huang, he is not someone a little one like you can afford to humiliate as you like."

    "Exceedingly powerful?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes lowered slightly. "That's all? It's merely just a Purple Spirit."

    Jun Xie's words made Elder Huang's brows knit up together. He felt that Jun Xie's calm and composed self was rather strange as although the Purple Spirit was rather common in the Middle Realm, it was extremely rare in the Lower Realm. But the youth's reaction had been too calm and he could not help but find it a little odd.

    The Condor Country's Emperor did not seem to have noticed the unusual circumstances and thought that Jun Xie was just putting up a false brave front, as he waited in anticipation for Elder Huang to fix the youth nice and proper.

    "Just a Purple Spirit? Aren't those words a little too arrogant here? To my knowledge, the lands under these Heavens had not seen a Purple Spirit pugilist for almost a century except for just one lone Purple Spirit recently, who is the Zephyr Academy's honourary Headmaster, Wen Xin Han. With Your Majesty from the Fire Country so unimpressed with a Purple Spirit, could it be you have seen any others?" The Condor Country's Emperor was afraid that Elder Huang was not in big enough of a rage and was trying to discreetly incite the situation.

    Jun Wu Xie cast an icy glance upon him.

    "A Purple Spirit, is very powerful?"

    With the amount of nonchalance in her tone, she could very well just be asking about the weather.

    "Since you seem to like Purple Spirits so much, that's good....." Jun Wu Xie began to say with the corners of her mouth curling up slightly as she lifted her chin slightly and waved her free hand carelessly at the several people standing behind her.

    "If the Condor Country's Emperor is such a frog in the well, all of you should just open his eyes and show him what a Purple Spirit is."

    Jun Wu Xie's words befuddled the Condor Country's Emperor mind and just as he was feeling highly confused, among the seven people standing behind Jun Xie, bright purple spirit light flared out from the bodies of six of them!

    The blinding purple coloured spirit glow instantly filled the main hall!

    Except for the haggard looking old man, the five youths and the cold faced man behind Jun Wu Xie were all Purple Spirits! ! !

    At the moment, the Condor Country's Emperor was thrown into such a shock that he almost fell off from his throne. The jade crown upon his head was thrown off all askew as he stared with wide disbelieving eyes, unable to come to terms with the fact that Jun Xie had brought six Purple Spirits with him!

    [How was that possible! ?]

    The Purple Spirit was so rare that it was almost a just the stuff of legends in the Lower Realm. The Condor Country's Emperor had thought that Jun Xie was being so fearless and audacious by bringing only seven people with him when he came into the Condor Country's Imperial Palace was because the hot blood of youth had gotten into his head and clouded his mind. Who would have thought that the people Jun Xie brought in were not merely ordinary guards, but a bunch of incredibly domineering Purple Spirits!
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