Chapter 1248: “Comparing Purple Spirits With Me? (2)”

    Chapter 1248: "Comparing Purple Spirits With Me? (2)"

    [It was little wonder that Jun Xie dared to be so overbearing being right in the middle of the Condor Country's Imperial Palace's main hall, it must be because of the six Purple Spirits who had been standing behind him all this while!]

    [Under that highly lavish guard, who would be able to touch a single hair on his head?]

    At that moment, the Condor Country's Emperor could no longer make himself maintain the smirk on his face. He stared at the six Purple Spirits standing behind Jun Wu Xie as he thought back to all that he had said in ignorant glee earlier and how he wished he could swallow back all those words he had uttered earlier!

    Even with Elder Huang there with him, how could one Purple Spirit stand against six Purple Spirits?

    The Condor Country's Emperor who had just earlier been filled with glee was suddenly reduced to become like a frightened little chick as his hands began to tremble.

    He then turned to look nervously at Elder Huang. However, Elder Huang's reaction just pushed him over the edge into utter despair.

    The look of surprise on Elder Huang's face was in no way any less than the one on the Condor Country's Emperor's, and what he realized in that scene was more than what the Condor Country's Emperor saw.

    Purple Spirits in the Middle Realm were highly common to see and all that reached a certain age would be able to employ a special method to temporarily possess the powers of the Purple Spirit. From among the six Purple Spirits behind Jun Xie, Elder Huang could see that five of them were using that method to raise their spirit power levels. Although a Purple Spirit achieved by raising their spirit power level like this would not be able to resist a true Purple Spirit, but if it was in a situation of one against five, even a true Purple Spirit would succumb under a simultaneous assault.

    What really shocked Elder Huang was however the towering tall man with the cold and hard countenance.

    The Purple Spirit glow upon that man's body was exceptional intense, and even he had to admit that this man's powers were far above his own!

    He had originally still wanted to use his Purple Spirit powers to knock some fear into these insects of the Lower Realm, but Elder Huang suddenly being violently slapped six times over across his face!

    Even if he excluded the tall and towering man, just the five young youths alone would have been too much for him to handle.

    The pompous arrogance deflated in an instant, and the corners of Elder Huang's mouth twitched.

    "I wonder from which Palace our friends here are from? I had not thought that you would be cooperating with the Fire Country." Elder Huang was not a moron. Such a highly powerful Purple Spirit couldn't possibly be from the Lower Realm and the method to temporarily raise up one's spirit power level was not known to anyone in the Lower Realm. Whether it was that man, or those five youths, had all surely come from the Middle Realm!

    Thinking back to the fact the All Dragons Palace had cooperated with the Condor Country in order to find and open up the Dark Emperor's tomb, Elder Huang had immediately woke up to the realization that these people must be from another palace, and their goal would similarly be because of the Dark Emperor's tomb. With the Fire Country being the mightiest country in the Lower Realm, the fact that they would be picked would be highly reasonable afterall.

    Ye Sha and none of the others responded, and Elder Huang's face turned an ugly shade.

    Jun Wu Xie's face was still resting against her palm as she stared calm and unruffled at the changed expression on Elder Huang's face.

    "What? Didn't you declare that you would teach me a lesson? I have been sitting here for so long. Aren't you going to do it already?"

    A mouthful of blood lodged just at the base of Elder Huang's throat as he stared in fury at the young Emperor through half narrowed eyes, wishing he could just smash that face into splatters with a slap of his palm.

    [How shameless! ! ?]

    [Bring six Purple Spirits and asking to be "taught", who would really dare to?]

    [It was feared before he could even touch the tip of Jun Xie's clothes, he would already be sent flying out to finally collapse outside the main hall by the Purple Spirits behind the young Emperor!]

    Regardless of the amount of grouses or angst he felt in his heart, Elder Huang did not dare say another word at that very moment.
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