Chapter 1249: “Comparing Purple Spirits With Me? (3)”

    Chapter 1249: "Comparing Purple Spirits With Me? (3)"

    Elder Huang forced himself to maintain a calm and composed front, struggling to convince himself to not take offence with a insect in his eyes. Although the Twelve Palaces were termed collectively as the Twelve Palaces, each individual palace held no affection for the other. They all feuded among themselves incessantly, and coexisted peacefully only on the surface.

    As the young Emperor had been chosen by another palace to cooperate with, those people would not hesitate to fight him to protect the young Emperor. Unless Elder Huang had water in his brains, he would not truly fall out with Jun Xie in this situation.

    With the way things stood, he had already said those words earlier and no matter what he did now, it would end up slapping himself across his face. At that moment, Elder Huang was extending his greetings to all eighteen generations of Jun Xie's ancestors in his heart.

    [This little kid was just despicable to the core!]

    Knowingly placing those six deities behind him but not revealing a single word about them before, and just waited for Elder Huang to be all prepared to strike before delivering one tight slap onto his face in such a backhanded way, leaving him no proper way to retreat at all!

    Forced into such a disadvantaged situation, what was Elder Huang expected to say at that moment? It infuriated him so bad he very nearly wanted to explode in rage.

    "Since you are a friend of the Twelve Palaces and this old man here is from the All Dragons Palace as well, I will naturally not make things difficult for you. Let's forget about everything here today and take it as this old man extending his courtesy to a friend of the Twelve Palaces." Even though stinging from the slaps, Elder Huang could still twist his words in such a grand fashion.

    As if his retraction, was not because he feared Ye Sha and the others, but was to "extend his courtesy to a friend".

    The internal feuds between the Twelve Palaces was never brought to the surface and Elder Huang believed that with the meaning behind his words already made so clear, the other side would definitely grasp what he was trying to say. Although Jun Xie could truly be of great use to them, they wouldn't really want the Twelve Palaces to really get into a fight.


    Elder Huang might have thought it through well, but Jun Wu Xie had no intentions of letting him have things happen the way he wanted.

    "Already no longer young, you should go back home and nurse yourself in retirement instead of coming out to embarrass yourself before people like this. Who do you think you are? That you could claim yourself to be worthy enough to be friends with my guards?" Jun Wu Xie wasn't about to give Elder Huang the slightest leeway, her poisonous tongue mercilessly provocative.

    Elder Huang gasped out aloud and he stumbled back a step in shock, staring in incredulous disbelief at Jun Xie.

    His gaze quickly glanced at Ye Sha, seemingly complaining to Ye Sha about Jun Xie's unruly and impetuous behaviour.

    However, Ye Sha's face remained stone cold and did not give him the slightest reaction, his demeanor unchanging as he stood behind Jun Wu Xie, the meaning he wanted to portray couldn't be any clearer.

    Whatever Jun Xie said, he would support to the end, and Elder Huang need not count on any nonsense about the "affection" between the Twelve Palaces.

    Such a situation was not something Elder Huang could even dream of. He could not make himself understand it. Even if the other palace wanted to make use of the Fire Country behind Jun Xie, did they really have to carry it out to such an extent? Even after he had declared the name of the All Dragons Palace, they had not shown any reaction as if the All Dragons Palace was completely beneath their notice.

    The rage within Elder Huang's heart was almost making him vomit out blood but he dared not strike Jun Xie at that moment. The six people behind the young Emperor were watching him voraciously like a predator and if he struck at that moment, the one in trouble in the end would definitely be him!

    Elder Huang took a deep breath as he clutched at his chest while deciding to retreat against the disadvantageous odds. He raised his eyes to look at the pleading face of the Condor Country's Emperor and said: "This old man is feeling a little unwell today and needs to go and to get some rest."

    Upon saying that, he completely ignored the stunned look on the Condor Country's Emperor's face and immediately left with a turn of his heel.

    "Don't just get some rest, but go for an eternal rest instead." Jun Wu Xie threw out that statement like a bolt upon Elder Huang's departing back out of the blue.

    Elder Huang's steps froze agonizingly but he forced himself to swallow back the insult once more as he ran away wretched and humiliated.
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