Chapter 1251: “Compensation (2)”

    Chapter 1251: "Compensation (2)"

    The Condor Country's Emperor shivered, crying in his heart as he had already written down every form of compensation he could even think of but Jun Xie was still not satisfied. "Then..... Then you tell me..... What would then be sufficient?"

    Jun Wu Xie lifted a hand slightly. Fei Yan who was standing behind her stepped forward and pulled out a parchment which had already been prepared beforehand from within his clothes, which had the terms of compensation stated upon it to be handed to the Condor Country's Emperor.

    The Emperor of the Condor Country swept his gaze over the parchment and he received such a big shock he almost fell off from the throne.

    His eyes were wide with disbelief as he stared at Jun Xie, the hand gripping the piece of parchment almost felt like it would break off.

    "You..... You..... This has got to be a joke right?"

    Jun Wu Xie gave a cold laugh and said: "Do you still think that you are worthy for me to joke with you?"

    The Condor Country's Emperor's face turned deathly pale and he gulped loudly as his eyes filled with despair. "This..... Wouldn't this be just too much..... This is as good as asking me to hand over half of the Condor Country's empire in compensation! !"

    Among the terms stated in the compensation asked for that Fei Yan had handed over, what shocked the Condor Country's Emperor the most was the written clause on ceding out the Condor Country's land. Jun Wu Xie had ceded out a good half of the Condor Country's soil to be given to the Qi Kingdom as compensation to the Qi Kingdom.

    The Condor Country's vast lands that they controlled was only second to the Fire Country and in one broad stroke, half of it was to be surrendered just like that. If they were all given to the Qi Kingdom, the small little Qi Kingdom would be immediately elevated into the ranks among the mighty countries. Furthermore, the Condor Country's Emperor didn't know whether Jun Xie was doing it intentionally as all the cities named upon the parchment were several of the most prosperous places within the Condor Country where not only were they greatly blessed with natural resources, they were also some of their richest ones. If he was to really give them up, half of the Condor Country's economy would be dragged into collapsing.

    Added to that was the monetary compensation, which made the Condor Country's Emperor really feel like dying as he looked at them!

    [This was not just merely ceding land in compensation!]

    [It is as good as asking him to hand over the entire Condor Country on a silver platter over to the Qi Kingdom!]

    This compensation agreement, the Condor Country's Emperor would never agree to sign it even if he was to be beaten to death!

    "Too much?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes immediately turned exceptionally frosty.

    "How many lives from the hundreds of thousand of the Qi Kingdom's soldiers who fell in the battlefield would that little bit of compensation buy? Would it be able to reclaim back the lives of all the innocent citizens who burned within the flames of war you ignited? Would it be sufficient for all the countless people suddenly uprooted and torn from their homes to wander hopelessly in despair? If you are not willing, I will not coerce you. You will then only need to return all the people who lost their lives to the fiery flames of war you lit, every single one of them, reinstate the destroyed and ruined cities exactly to the way it was before, and you can disagree to the terms stated herein." Jun Wu Xie said in a tone that had turned extraordinarily chilling.

    She firmly believed, that the entire Qi Kingdom, would rather not want all these lands and riches, and would rather have their family members return back safely.

    The Condor Country's Emperor felt as if something had lodged at the base of his throat, unable to speak. The cities could be rebuilt, but all those lives lost, how could he possibly return them back to life?

    Jun Xie had obviously only offered him two equally damning options with no way out!

    One was compensation that was impossible for him to accept, the other was a choice that he was helpless to fulfill.....

    "Isn't there a third option?" The Condor Country's Emperor was still unwilling to give up. He did not understand why Jun Xie would take so much effort to help the Qi Kingdom and what the young Emperor was truly after.

    Jun Wu Xie replied with a highly chilling smile: "There is."

    The Condor Country's Emperor's eyes lit up and he immediately raised his head, his eyes filled with anticipation as he looked at Jun Xie.

    "The Fire Country immediately invades the Condor Country and the name Condor disappears from the face of these lands thereafter."

    Jun Wu Xie's words completely severed any sliver of hope the Condor Country's Emperor might have held in his heart.....

    He hung his head as he stared at the parchment filled with the terms for compensation, his entire body shaking, his tensed and stiff lips turning a pale green.

    Having witnessed the overwhelming power of the group of people standing behind Jun Xie, and after the Condor Country had lost a million men in their army from the war, how could they possibly hope to stand a chance against the Fire Country's armoured cavalry? The difference in might between the two countries was now such a wide yawning chasm it gave him no choice! Absolutely no other choice!

    "I agree....."
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