Chapter 1252: “Compensation (3)”

    Chapter 1252: "Compensation (3)"

    The Condor Country's Emperor found himself deeply immersed in despair and he had no choice but to pick the only way out given to him. Giving up half the empire to the Qi Kingdom, at least the Condor Country would still remain in existence.

    With trembling hands, he drafted the Imperial Edict, every brush stroke cutting off a piece of flesh from his heart.

    He had always used the strong might of the Condor Country, to wilfully intimidate and oppress the smaller countries, never once thinking that retribution might fall upon him one day, giving a good taste of his very own medicine.

    When it came to a country's oppressive might, how could the Condor Country hope to compare itself with the Fire Country?

    Just at the moment when the Condor Country's Emperor was about to affix his Imperial Seal upon the Imperial Edict, Jun Wu Xie suddenly said: "Wait."

    The Condor Country's Emperor raised his head, his eyes ablaze with a glimmer of hope.

    However, Jun Xie's words that came after made the Condor Country's Emperor sink further straight down into the abysmal pits of despair!

    "The debt owed, still has things outstanding." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowing further.

    "What..... does that mean?" The Condor Country's Emperor's heart sank.

    "Is..... Is this still not enough? I am already giving half of the Condor Country's empire to the Qi Kingdom as compensation, shouldn't that be more than enough?" Cowering from fear and filled with despair, the Condor Country's Emperor almost shouted but asked instead in a low voice.

    Jun Wu Xie smiled chillingly and said: "The debt to the Qi Kingdom is settled. Next, it's the Buckwheat Kingdom's turn."

    "What! ?" The Condor Country's Emperor's eyes flared wide, in utter disbelief from what he had just heard.

    [The Buckwheat Kingdom?]

    [What does the Buckwheat Kingdom have anything to do with this now! ?]

    Jun Wu Xie waved her hand lazily and the old man who had been standing quietly behind all this while without making a single sound slowly walked out into the middle of the main hall.

    "Tell the Emperor of the Condor Country everything you want to say." Jun Wu Xie said.

    The old man slowly raised up his head, and the pair of eyes that were turned towards the Condor Country's Emperor looked like they had been deeply immersed in venomous hatred for a long time, the gaze thrown forward feeling like the old man wanted nothing more than to tear into the man seated upon the throne, ripping him into shreds with a thousand cuts.

    "You, still remember who I am?" The old man's voice was suppressed, as it rang out within the main hall.

    The Condor Country's Emperor stared, his eyes measuring the old man before him, his mind struggling to recall any memory he had of the other party, but to no avail.

    "Who..... Who are you? I have not seen you before....."

    After the old man heard that, he suddenly threw his head back to laugh hysterically, that laughter filled with endless sorrow.

    "That's right. You are the high and mighty His Majesty of the Condor Country, so how could you possibly remember a lowly vassal from a tiny sleepy kingdom far at the edge of your border? For you to not remember this face of mine, I am not surprised, but for the rest of my life, I will never forget your looks!" The old man's laughter stopped abruptly, and his eyes narrowed as he gritted his teeth tightly to spit out these words.

    "That year, you had personally led your soldiers into the lands of our Buckwheat Kingdom. With your overwhelming numbers, you turned the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor into something that was neither man nor ghost! I will never forget this hateful and repulsive face of yours! It does not matter if you do not remember me, I can tell it to you now! I am the Grand Tutor of the Buckwheat Kingdom! The very same Buckwheat Kingdom that had two consecutive reigns of our Emperors turned into something neither man nor ghost by you!" Grand Tutor He roared out, like a demon awashed with hatred and vengeance, his eyes red and bloodshot, as they stared unwaveringly at the pale faced Condor Country's Emperor.

    "The Buckwheat Kingdom is aware that they are a small and weak country with a small population and they had never dared to fight or tussle with other countries for anything, where we gave up anything and everything the Condor Country wanted. But you still had not been willing to spare us despite all that! After you turned our previous Emperor into a monster that was neither man nor ghost, you went on to transform our His Majesty into a mindless child! And all our Imperial Guards were killed here right in the Condor Country's Imperial Capital as well! These continually mounting blood debts, were all run up by you alone! Return to us the life of our previous Emperor! Return to us our His Majesty! Return to us the many lives of the good men from our Buckwheat Country! ! !" Grand Tutor He was shouting at the Condor Country's Emperor almost like a maniac. The many years of suppressed hatred that had been overflowing enough to reach the heavens, but because their country had been too small he had held it in and not dared to let it erupt. That had all finally been given the opportunity to burst forth in an unbridled explosion in vent!
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