Chapter 1253: “Compensation (4)”

    Chapter 1253: "Compensation (4)"

    It wasn't that the Buckwheat Kingdom in the past, held no hatred or resentment, but they could not afford to hate nor were they in a position to resent as they did not even have the power to protect themselves. They feared that the slightest affront towards the Condor Country would immediately give them a valid reason to mobilize their army to invade the Buckwheat Kingdom.

    The weak and helpless Buckwheat Kingdom would not stand a chance against the Condor Country's army.

    The slightest mistake, could very well bring upon them the calamity of obliteration.

    So the only they could do was to bear with it, tolerating them one time after another, enduring it till their clenched jaws hurt and they abandoned their pride. The deep hatred they kept suppressed within their souls, had had no place for them to vent.

    And today, Jun Wu Xie had finally given them one such opportunity.

    With the Fire Country backing him up, Grand Tutor He could finally stand up straight and demand payback for the debts of blood owed to all of them!

    The Condor Country's Emperor had never thought that the old man that followed Jun Xie in here would turn out to be the Grand Tutor of the Buckwheat Kingdom!

    A country even smaller than the Qi Kingdom, a place that almost did not contain any presence at all.

    "Your Majesty from the Fire Country! This old man is just spouting nonsense! That is just pure venomous slander! I had never ever committed such deeds and that is just malicious defamation!" No matter where this old man came from, the Condor Country's Emperor was not going to admit all of the accusations.

    In the incident with the Qi Kingdom, the Fire Country had been involved and there was no way he could deny it. But in the matter with the Buckwheat Kingdom, he had been carefully secretive with what he did and there was no way Jun Xie could possibly know about it, so he was definitely not going to admit to anything here!

    "Slander! ? Our previous Emperor's lifeless body is still in that courtyard of yours! And our His Majesty is now within the Condor Country's Imperial Capital! Those Imperial Guards of ours who had died so tragically lies within the lands of the Condor Country's Imperial Capital as well! Will I still need to defame you for all this! ? The blood of the countless number of people that have stained your hands, and the innumerable people your venomous mind had harmed! You will never be able to wash those sins off your entire life!" Grand Tutor He roared in fiery rage. He had never seen such a shameless person with such a viciously venomous heart, completely devoid of humanity, a complete demon!

    "Pure gibberish! All those..... All those deeds were not done by me! It was the Buckwheat Kingdom who had impure intentions and the Buckwheat Kingdom's Imperial Guards had suddenly attack the Condor Country's soldiers before my Imperial Guards retaliated against them! And as for your His Majesty and whatever previous Emperor..... I have never met them before....." The Condor Country's Emperor got into a heated argument with Grand Tutor He in the main hall. One time's compensation had already caused him to lose half of the Condor Country's empire and if Jun Xie went on further to use the matter with the Buckwheat Kingdom to slice his heart another time, he would definitely be unable to withstand that!

    [He must not admit anything! Never admit to a single thing!]

    [In any case, the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor had already been abducted and that meant that there was no one to contradict him. The Condor Country's Emperor was at that moment feeling mighty glad that the people who had barged into the courtyard and taken the little Emperor away were not in his hands, and he could fully deny everything. Moreover the little Emperor was afflicted with Scarlet Blood and he should be dead by now. Even if they found him, he would not have died within his courtyard and Jun Xie would not be able to pin this crime upon his head!]

    [As long as he doesn't admit, it will be fine!]

    The Condor Country's Emperor persisted with his proclamation of innocence and refused to admit anything. His scoundrelly actions caused the rage within Grand Tutor He's chest to burn, where he almost leapt up to the throne, wanting to strangle the Condor Country's Emperor to death on the spot!

    After committing such dastardly deeds, he did not even have the courage to admit it!

    Fei Yan was quick to react as he rushed forward to stop Grand Tutor He who was overcome with rage. The Grand Tutor already had tears streaming down his wizened face, sobbing in a sorrowful wail.

    "The Heavens must have gone blind!"

    [Although their Buckwheat Kingdom was tiny, but all the way from the rulers and officials at the top to the citizenry at the bottom of the Buckwheat Kingdom, everyone was a human very much still alive!]

    [Why, were the Heavens treating them like this! ?]

    [Why! ?]

    "Your Majesty from the Fire Country, this man has lost his mind! The words of a raving lunatic must not be believed!" The Condor Country's Emperor went on to say loudly, cold sweat streaming down his back, as he stared frantically at Jun Xie.
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