Chapter 1259: “Plea for Help from Various Countries (1)”

    Chapter 1259: "Plea for Help from Various Countries (1)"

    The several rulers seem to have detected the enmity from Qiao Chu and his companions and they suddenly woke up to their senses as they took a step back in uniform.

    One of the rulers bolstered his courage and took a step forward, looking respectfully at Qiao Chu who was blocking the way in front of Jun Xie and said: "The ruler of the Dignity Country pays his respects to the Fire Country's His Majesty."

    Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow slightly. She had heard of the Dignity Country but she had never had any dealings with them. The Dignity Country's ruler's attitude was highly cordial and had been waiting here with the other rulers from various countries. From the way things looked, they seemed to have been waiting for her to appear.

    "What's the matter?" Jun Wu Xie had just dealt with the Condor Country's Emperor and she wasn't really in the mood to chit chat with these other rulers.

    With the Fire Country's status, it was highly normal for the other countries to be subservient to her but Jun Wu Xie did not like the feeling it gave her.

    The Dignity Country's ruler took a big gulp. He had heard about the Fire Country's Emperor's young age, and at that moment, it seemed that it had been true. The youth was petite in size and did not look to be very old, but the moment he spoke, the tone of his words caused people to no longer dare to see the young Emperor as just an inexperienced young youth.

    "My humble self heard that the Fire Country's Emperor has come to the Condor Country's Imperial Capital and I have specially come forward to offer my greetings." He said as he took another big gulp. With the levels of the might of their respective countries, they had not even dared to antagonize the Condor Country, much less the mightier Fire Country.

    Towards the Dignity Country's ruler's respectful servility, Jun Wu Xie had lost her patience.

    "No need. If there's nothing else, don't block my way." Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

    The Dignity Country's ruler shivered, not knowing why a young youth merely in his young teens could make him feel a sense of fear rise within his heart.

    Seeing that Jun Xie was about to leave, all the rulers panicked. They dispensed with all the cordial and hypocritical pleasantries and went straight in front of Jun Xie to block his path forward.

    Jun Wu Xie's brows had just furrowed together.

    All the rulers suddenly knelt in front of Jun Xie uniformly!

    "Will the Fire Country's His Majesty please hold your step! I came here today because I have a matter I need to beg for help in, and I would like to implore for the Fire Country's His Majesty to save all of us!" The Dignity Country's ruler pleaded while on his knees, as the other rulers started to issue similar pleas.

    Faced with such a situation, Qiao Chu and the others were rather stunned.

    All these people, in any case, were the supreme rulers of countries, so how could they just fall to their knees so easily! ?

    The companions had thought that these rulers had been cajoled by the Condor Country and had come here to stir up a scene and make things difficult. But from what they could see, that did not seem to be the case.

    Jun Wu Xie's steps stopped and she looked at the row of rulers kneeling before her, not saying a single word.

    The group of rulers, seeing that Jun Xie seemed to be willing to at least hear them out, then hurriedly blurted out all their requests.

    Once all that was said, the enmity Qiao Chu and his companions had for the group of them was completely eradicated.

    These rulers, had all been invited by the Condor Country's Emperor, to make a trip here into the Condor Country's Imperial Capital, where they had all actually been unwilling. But against the oppressive might of the Condor Country, they had no choice but to accept the invitation and come forth. After arriving at the Condor Country, everything that happened here were beyond what anyone of them could have expected. They were all placed under house arrest within the Condor Country's Imperial Capital, and not allowed to take a single step outside.

    The Condor Country's Emperor had continuously exerted pressure upon them, and used Poison Men and Scarlet Blood as both a stick and a carrot, to coerce them into issuing an Imperial Edict, stating that they were willing to allow an experiment like creating Poison Men to be introduced into their country, and would actively contribute their efforts into producing a Poison Men army.

    Having personally witnessed with their own eyes the horror of the terrifying Poison Men, the rulers were not willing to let their people turn into such monsters. They wanted to resist, but were tied down, helplessly controlled by the Condor Country's Emperor as they remained imprisoned within the Imperial City, deprived of all their freedom.
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