Chapter 1260: “Plea for Help from Various Countries (2)”

    Chapter 1260: "Plea for Help from Various Countries (2)"

    Competing based on a country's might, they were not a match for the Condor Country's and had been imprisoned within the Imperial Capital, puppets under house arrest. The Condor Country's Emperor had held these rulers within his palm's grasp, all of it in an effort to threaten the various countries to submit.

    These rulers had all come here this place, not because they were willing to capitulate, but they just did not want to provide the Condor Country's Emperor with any ridiculous reason for him to mobilize his troops against their country.

    The Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor experience had deeply instilled a great amount of fear into their hearts, where they did not know whether they would become the next victim.

    And at the moment they heard that the Fire Country's Emperor had appeared here within the city, they had all seemed to have seen a tiny glimmer of light within the dark despair. If there was anyone who would be able to suppress the Condor Country, then it would only be the Fire Country alone.

    Hence, they had all gathered together and came running to outside the gates of the Imperial Palace to wait, yearning to be able to grasp at this last sliver of hope they had.

    Several of the rulers, their voices interjected in between tears, abandoned the dignity of an Emperor, and let go of the glory their Dragon robes cloaked their persons with. They did not want to become the puppets strung along by the Condor Country, and were not willing to let their citizens suffer such a terrifying future.

    They were only asking for the Fire Country's Emperor, to be able to save them, and save their countries.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to them quietly, already aware of the heinous deeds committed by the Condor Country's Emperor, but never had she expected that the Condor Country's Emperor would carry out his outrageous misdeeds to such an extent, to have imprisoned the rulers of so many countries within the Condor Country's Imperial Capital!

    "Your Majesty from the Fire Country! If you are willing to save us, we would rather submit ourselves under the Fire Country!" The ruler of the Dignity Country had resolved to do this even if it cost him his life and rather than to let the Condor Country have its way to turn their people into mindless Poison Men, they would rather submit themselves to the Fire Country.

    As even though the Fire Country was mighty,they had at least not committed any instances of taking advantage of the weak through threats and coercion.

    "All of you can rise." Jun Wu Xie said in a light voice.

    The rulers remained kneeling upon the floor, as upon their shoulders, they carried not just the burden of the several lives of themselves here, but the millions of lives of the people in entire countries under their rule.

    Staring at the several rulers still kneeling stubbornly upon the ground, Jun Wu Xie felt a headache beginning to come on.

    "From today henceforth, the Condor Country will cease to exist, so you can all go back already." Jun Wu Xie then told them.

    "What....." The entire group of rulers stared at Jun Xie in confusion.

    [No more Condor Country?]

    [What does that really mean?]

    Fei Yan then smilingly pulled out an Imperial Edict out from his chest, and opened it up to show it to the group of rulers to take a good gander.

    "The Condor Country's Emperor has already given up all of the lands of the Condor Country in compensation to the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom, and the Condor Country will henceforth no longer exist. So, all of you do not have to worry that he will continue to bring harm to you. Now..... you can all return back to your countries as everything had ended." Fei Yan said with a laugh.

    The faces of the rules were all twisted up in varying degrees of incredulity as they raised their trembling hands to take the Imperial Edict from Fei Yan's hands, to fall into a huddle as they carefully and repeatedly read the document for a long while, before they were finally convinced by Fei Yan's words.

    [The Condor Country..... is truly gone?]

    [In just this short span of two hours, the second mightiest country, had really been so quietly erased off the face of the lands?]

    That one fact, caused all their consciousness to immediately crumble, not a single one among them having ever thought that such an ending was even possible.

    All the rulers then raised their heads subconsciously, to stare at the petite little figure, and that face with his delicately attractive features.

    [The Emperor of the Fire Country.]

    "But..... but..... The Condor Country's people have already brought our Imperial Edicts back to our respective countries....." The Dignity Country's Emperor was suddenly flustered. The Condor Country's Emperor had acted very swiftly and had taken the Imperial Edicts they had forced them into issuing, and immediately sent their men to travel without stopping, to deliver them to the different countries.
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