Chapter 1262: “Returning (1)”

    Chapter 1262: "Returning (1)"

    That afternoon, a piece of news tore through the Condor Country like a bolt out of nowhere!

    The Condor Country's name which had dominated for many years had suddenly disappeared from the lands. All of the lands of the Condor Country had been given as compensation to the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom, the news completely unbelievable, and hard to accept to the Condor Country's citizens.

    Influenced by the fact that the Condor Country had enjoyed dominance for many years, the Condor Country's citizens had developed an aggressive appetite for war and battle and prided themselves as a powerful people, to the extent they looked down on people from other countries except for those in the Fire Country. But now, even that arrogance had been mercilessly torn to shred.

    It was still not that bad with the Qi Kingdom as they had the famed Rui Lin Army and it was rumoured that the Qi Kingdom was allied with the Fire Country. That was a point that was more or less still barely acceptable in their hearts.

    But what was the Buckwheat Kingdom?

    Based on what did they have to gift their lands away to the pitifully small Buckwheat Kingdom?

    Against the citizens' voices, no one bothered with it. Jun Wu Xie observed it all, and she knew. To have the people of the Condor Country truly integrate into the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom, it would require a long period of assimilation.

    "Are we going to depart today?" At the break of dawn, Qiao Chu stuck his head into Jun Wu Xie's room to ask.

    Jun Wu Xie was all packed and the little Emperor sat staring blankly at the side of the bed, not making a single sound. If not for the lack of life within those eyes, he might just be mistaken for being the highly obedient boy he had always been.

    "Yes." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    "Then, the matter with the All Dragons Palace....." Qiao Chu asked further, rubbing at his chin. The All Dragons Palace's Elder Huang had escaped and if he had continued to remain in the Lower Realm, it was not known what kind of a ruckus he would stir up again. But if he returned to the Middle Realm , it was feared that the information about Jun Wu Xie and them would soon reach the ears of the Twelve Palaces. That was a point that would be disadvantageous to them at this point of time.

    They had been secretive when they collected the maps before. Even if the Twelve Palaces had discovered things to be strange, they had no way of probing further into it. But this time, Jun Wu Xie had blatantly used her title as the Emperor of the Fire Country to do it. If that reached the Middle Realm, and attracted the attention of the Middle Realm, it might become rather troublesome.

    "I have already gotten Ye Sha to deal with that." Jun Wu Xie had naturally thought of that as well. She would not let Elder Huang have that chance to leave the Lower Realm alive.

    Qiao Chu nodded, and did not say anything more, but went on to pack up his luggage with his companions, in preparation for the journey.

    Before the moved out, Grand Tutor He came to see Jun Wu Xie, once again expressing his gratitude towards Jun Xie, and expressed his will that he would push to make his old bag of bones last, to manage the Buckwheat Kingdom. And after the little Emperor has recovered, he would then be able to hand a brand new Buckwheat Kingdom into the little Emperor's hands.

    Stepping onto the horse carriage, Jun Wu Xie stared at the Condor Country under the sun's rays, and she seemed to be able to hear the dying wails of the Condor Country's Emperor from within the Imperial Palace.

    Although the Condor Country has been destroyed, the trouble that the Condor Country had brought to the Lower Realm still has not ended. The various rulers who had regained their freedom had spurred their horses at full speed back to their countries, hoping to stop the evil before it even began.

    The wheels rolled and trundled, Jun Wu Xie sat within the carriage while the little Emperor sat quietly opposite her, his head lowered, not moving an inch.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her gaze to look outside the window, staring at the Condor Country's lands that now had new owners.

    She had already sent out a homing pigeon, to inform the Lin Palace of all that had happened here, and it wouldn't be long, that either her Grandfather or Uncle would received the news.

    Thinking of the fact that not long from now, she would be able to return back home and be reunited with her family, the repressed emotions within Jun Wu Xie's heart were finally alleviated a little.
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