Chapter 1263: “Returning Back (2)”

    Chapter 1263: "Returning Back (2)"

    The moon was shaped like a wicked scythe, and under that night sky, red blood flowed freely. In a dense forest that was throbbing with the aftermath of a massacre, even the air felt like it was tainted with sticky blood.

    Under the moonlight, a tall slender figure was standing upon the green grass that was soaked with bright red blood, his violet eyes twinkling with euphoria brought about by the slaughter.

    "Lord Jue!" Ye Mei had found something from digging through the pile of corpses at the side and he delivered it into the hands of Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao threw a cursory glance at it and then said: "Keep it properly."

    "Yes!" Ye Mei took the blood stained item and kept it safely within his robes and immediately said: "I received news that Ye Sha sent earlier saying the Young Miss had obliterated the Condor Country and had split the Condor Country's lands between the Buckwheat Kingdom and the Qi Kingdom. Under the Young Miss' orders, Ye Sha is pursuing a man from the All Dragons Palace and the Young Miss has already left for the Qi Kingdom."

    One of Jun Wu Yao's brows arched up and the corners of his mouth curled into a devilish smile.

    "The little one's moves are becoming smoother and smoother. It's just a country of insects, it doesn't matter whether it gets destroyed or not."

    "Then Lord Jue, are we going back as well?" Ye Mei asked.

    Jun Wu Yao hooked up a finger and all the blood upon the ground seemed to be drawn by an invisible force, gathering together in a swirl around Jun Wu Yao's fingertip, to gradually coalesce into a sparkling clear bead of blood.

    Jun Wu Yao sent the bead into his mouth, and lifted his eyes to stare at the moon hanging upon the glorious night sky.

    "We will naturally have to go back."

    "There's one more thing....." Ye Mei hesitated. In regards to this matter, he did not dare to speak of it carelessly.

    "Speak." Jun Wu Yao ordered.

    "Ye Sha discovered the presence of Scarlet Blood and Poison Men in the Condor Country..... The All Dragons Palace seemed to have wanted to use these two methods to gain control over the powers in the Lower Realm."

    Ye Mei had just finished his statement when the surrounding air suddenly fell a few degrees lower!

    Even the sound of the wind had suddenly disappeared.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed, his violet eyes filling up with a chilling glint of murder.

    "The trash from the Middle Realm still dares to put Scarlet Blood to use?"

    Ye Mei drew in a deep breath to summon up the powers within to prevent himself from being wounded by Jun Wu Yao's oppressive aura.

    "The Twelve Palaces have harbouring their malicious intentions for a very long time. In those years when Lord Jue sealed the Scarlet Blood, they had all obeyed and not dared to act rashly but it seems that thoughts of dissent have started to rise in their heads once again. Lord Jue..... do we need to send this information to the Dark Regions?"

    Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes in thought and lifted his hand slightly to shake it lightly.

    "It is still not yet time."

    Ye Mei gritted his teeth and continued: "The Scarlet Blood was originally created by the morons of the Twelve Palaces who based it on Lord Jue's Scarlet Darkness. The very existence of that insipid and inferior copy by itself is an insult to Lord Jue and if Lord Jue has no intentions to reveal the news to the Dark Regime, then I implore for Lord Jue to issue an order for your subordinate here to go deal with those thrash from the Twelve Palaces."

    [For the Lord to suffer humiliation, it was due to the incompetence of the underlings!]

    [They can die, but they must never allow anyone to cause Jun Wu Yao to have to suffer the slightest tinge of humiliation.]

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Ye Mei face filled with highly indignant rage, and he suddenly laughed out loud.

    "At this time, I am not really in the mood to go toy with a bunch of insects. We must first return to the Qi Kingdom, and present this big gift to Little Xie instead. Isn't she set on finding the Dark Emperor's tomb all this time? The time just about right."

    Ye Mei suppressed his rage and bore with the frustration, but finally nodded his head and said: "Yes, my Lord!"

    The night was quiet and soundless. The voices of Jun Wu Yao and Ye Mei disappeared from within the tranquility of the dense forest, leaving behind upon the forest floor filled with corpses. A gust of the night breeze blew past, and the sets of completely dried up corpses which had every single drop of blood drawn out from them instantly turned to dust under the light touch of the breeze, falling to sink into the grass underneath.
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