Chapter 1264: “Returning Back (3)”

    Chapter 1264: "Returning Back (3)"

    Having just experienced baptism through the flames of war, the Qi Kingdom was gradually recovering from the wounds wrought upon them by the ferocious battles. The flames from the war had not burned up the will of the Qi Kingdom's people as they strove to break free from the sufferings, rebuilding up their homeland with their own two hands.

    The Rui Lin Army was the force that sustained the most severe losses. After most of their injured recovered, they began to recruit new soldiers to join them in the Rui Lin Army.

    The youths who strove to protect their country, surged from all corners, wholeheartedly wanting to become a member of the Rui Lin Army, where they would one day be able to fight to defend their homeland.

    During this period, it could be said that Long Qi was so busy his hands felt detached from his body everyday. Before this when the Rui Lin Army had not yet released the news, there had already been many highly passionate people who planted themselves within the Qi Kingdom's Imperial City in wait. Now, the news of the Rui Lin Army accepting new recruits had just barely been released and the number of people coming forward to apply could only be described as coming in in tides.

    Every single day, Long Qi would sit himself at the front of the Rui Lin Army's camp, and carry out stringent assessments of the youths who had applied to join them, always so busy he barely even had the time to have a sip of water.

    The soldiers that the Rui Lin Army were looking to recruit this time, had a requirement to be between sixteen to twenty two years of age. The Rui Lin Army had been established for many years and throughout the big and small battles, the old generation of their soldiers had fallen one by one with new blood filling up the gaps intermittently. But after the recent large scale war, the Rui Lin Army had lost more than half their men and it would require an extended period of time to be accumulated, before they would be able to rebuild the entire Rui Lin Army. Hence, Jun Xian had targeted for younger blood, and when their rough edges were honed to become sharp and keen edged blades, they would be at their most prime age.

    And in this recruitment drive of the Rui Lin Army, there was one hard rule they would not bend in the slightest. Loyalty!

    Weak powers could be slowed polished, bodies not strong enough could be improved through tough training regimes. But if one's beliefs and character was flawed, then regardless how talented one was, the Rui Lin Army would never accept them.

    As long as they were not critically ill, and their character passed the criteria, all would stand a chance to be enlisted into the Rui Lin Army.

    All the men whose age had passed the limit, were all mournful. Some of them had even gone up to ask Long Qi where they needed men on the back end in logistics, and they would accept it even if they were only assigned odd jobs or just as a cook for the Rui Lin Army.....

    All these queries, really drove Long Qi almost to lunacy where he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    He was still busying away when Long Qi received news brought to him by a Rui Lin Army soldier. In the instant he heard it, he immediately got up and handed over his duties for the recruitment to another soldier, before turning around to go further inside the Rui Lin Army camp.

    Upon the parade square, Jun Qing was training a new batch of soldiers who had just enlisted. The reason the Rui Lin Army had become such a powerful force, was not just because of the halo from the three characters that read "Rui Lin Army", but it was also achieved through constant rigorous training, never cutting any slack, that preserved the enduring fame of the Rui Lin Army.

    Glaring at the new recruits who had just joined their army and were already made to undergo the highly intensive training, the wasn't the slightest bit of mercy in Jun Qing's eyes. Only with the hardship they suffered at present, would it gain them a bigger chance of coming back alive from the battlefields they would face in the future.

    Whether these youths who had made it through the preliminary selections would finally still be able to remain with the Rui Lin Army was still not known, as after the upcoming one year period was up, the Rui Lin Army would conduct another round of screening for those personnels who did not meet the mark. All those who fail to meet the requirements would then be made to leave the Rui Lin Army.

    "Young Lord!" Long Qi suddenly came rushing inside in a hurry, and whispered a few words into Jun Qing's ears.

    Jun Qing's stern face suddenly beamed with a show of delight, and immediately ordered the new recruits to continue with the training, before turning himself around to leave the parade square hurriedly.

    The group of youths who had been mercilessly drilled by Jun Qing, raised their weary heads as they panted for breath to see Jun Qing depart, their faces looking highly puzzled.
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