Chapter 1265: “Family (1)”

    Chapter 1265: "Family (1)"

    Jun Qing might look gentle and elegantly attractive, but when he was training the soldiers, he didn't show the least bit of benevolence or mercy. The youths who had in the beginning felt that the young lord looked rather gentle completely changed their view of Jun Qing after just half a day under Jun Qing's hand!

    Truly a member of the Jun Family. Under that gentle exterior, lay a strong and hard personality!

    Several of the more timid youths, would even break into tears with just a stern glare from Jun Qing.

    The glare from those eyes that had witnessed endless cold merciless slaughter, was not something that the green and still bumbling youths were able to stand up to.

    "I thought I might have seen the Young Lord.... smile? Was I hallucinating?" A youth who was sweating buckets said as he scratched his head. Ever since they had been enlisted into the Rui Lin Army, they had never seen Jun Qing once smile at them.

    This iron faced Young Lord's smile, was to them an extreme rarity to see.

    "Actually..... I feel that our Young Lord, looks better when he smiles." Another youth said with a bitter laugh.

    The Rui Lin soldiers standing on the side maintained their stoic faces, forcing their expressions to remain unchanged as they stared at the bunch of fledging new recruits.

    But they were chortling inside their hearts.

    The Young Lord's smile was rare to see?

    Once out of the Rui Lin Army's main encampment and back in the Lin Palace, the Young Lord would then be smiling all the time! Sheer ignorance.

    "Stop yapping over there and get on with the training! Stop spouting all that nonsense or you can be certain the Young Lord would give you guys a good thrashing when he comes back!" The Rui Lin Army soldiers admonished lightly, their faces stern.

    The youths who had barely just got some rest immediately stiffened in alertness and quickly jumped up to continue with their training.

    Jun Qing and Long Qi drove their horses hard as they rushed the entire way back to the Qi Kingdom's Imperial Capital. When the horses almost skidded to a stop before the Lin Palace's gates, the two men immediately flipped their bodies to dismount, quickly slipping their way inside.

    Inside the main hall of the Lin Palace, a familiar figure fell within Jun Qing's sight and his face immediately broke into a wide smile that rose straight right from within his heart.

    "Little Xie has come back."

    Seated within the hall, when Jun Wu Xie saw Jun Qing come in, she immediately stood up.

    Jun Qing took a step forward and gave his little niece a big hug.

    "It's good that you're back. When you were not around, your grandfather missed you so dearly." Jun Qing said with a smile. He and Jun Xian were both iron hard men who had traversed over countless battlefields and the three generations of the Jun Family only had just this one female, and she was also the youngest member of the family. Although the two men were aware that Jun Wu Xie had her own things to take care of, but having parted for so long, they had missed her quite a bit.

    Although the two battle hardened men did not say it, they understood each other's heart rather well.

    Seated in the main seat within the hall, Jun Xian cleared his throat and glared at his too talkative youngest son and said: "You make it sound like you didn't miss her at all. If I may ask, who is the one who had always gone running to Little Xie's courtyard everyday whenever he could to clean up the place? And even fighting with the servants to do it?"

    Betrayed by Jun Xian like this, Jun Qing smiled sheepishly in embarrassment.

    When Jun Wu Xie had returned the last time, the Qi Kingdom had been hit with disaster and even if they yearned to spend time with Jun Wu Xie, they did not have the luxury of time then. After things had more or less stabilized, the longing in their hearts had then become insuppressible.

    Jun Wu Xie watched the Jun father and son embarrassing each other while they both tried to get the last word in, and the corners of her mouth the arced upwards slightly. No matter how stormy it was out there, when she came back home, she would always be met with this warm feelings of kinship.

    Qiao Chu and the others stood watching at the side, the eyes and hearts filled with endless envy. Their families had been eradicated, and it was thought that they would not have the chance to feel such kinship ever again.

    "Already such a grown man and you're still spouting such nonsense. Sit down quickly and we can continue with the chat." Jun Xian said with a soft voice.
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