Chapter 1266: “Family (2)”

    Chapter 1266: "Family (2)"

    Jun Qing sat down at the side with a laugh. It was only after he sat down that he noticed a tiny little figure, who was quietly seated beside Jun Wu Xie.

    That little one was very young, looking to be about eight or nine years of age, had a clean and clear tiny face that was highly adorable, except for that head of fiery red hair and his pair of scarlet coloured eyes that made him look rather strange and different.

    "This little one is....." Jun Qing raised his head and looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie then replied: "This is Little Jue, the Emperor of the Buckwheat Kingdom."

    Jun Qing's face then revealed a trace of surprise. He had heard of the Buckwheat Kingdom, and he knew that the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor was a very young child, but he had never thought that he would look like this. Moreover..... what was Jun Wu Xie doing by bringing some other country's Emperor around with her for?

    And even after they had spoken so much, the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor had been completely silent and had not said a single word, but had just sat there without moving at all. If not for the breaths he was still taking, he might have been more like a sculpture instead.

    "Sigh, another poor and pitiful little child." Jun Xian said with a sigh. Before Jun Qing had arrived here, Jun Wu Xie had already told him about everything that had happened to the little Emperor.

    Although they did not belong to the same country, but when even such a small child like this was harmed so maliciously, it really chilled one's heart.

    Jun Qing was still a little confused and Fei Yan spoke up at that moment, summarizing everything that happened in the Condor Country into a simple report and told it to Jun Qing.

    After Jun Qing finished listening to it, he was not able to calm himself for a long while.

    "How dare the Condor Country's Emperor do something so maniacally audacious! ? He completely deserved to die!" When war erupted between countries, no matter how bitter and horrifying it became, it could still be explained that it was for the benefit of an entire country. But using one's superior might to oppress and threaten the weak, where they even harmed a child as young as this, besides calling him absolutely inhuman, Jun Qing could not think of a more suitable term to describe all of this.

    "The Scarlet Blood within Little Jue's body had been largely purged but I am helpless with regards to his spirit that had been sacrificed in the process. I brought him back here because I was thinking to have Uncle hand the other half of the Soul Jade to Little Jue temporarily, to see if it can help him in anyway." Jun Wu Xie went on to say.

    Without another word, Jun Qing immediately pulled out the half piece of Soul Calming Jade.

    "It was your decision to have his thing kept safely and if you feel that it can help in anyway, let it help the pitiful Little Jue." Jun Qing said with a sigh.

    With what happened the last time, Jun Wu Xie did not dare to carelessly touch the Soul Calming Jade now, and she asked Jun Qing to place the Soul Jade upon the little Emperor's tiny body.

    The Soul Calming Jade had just been placed upon him when the little Emperor who had been staring blankly suddenly closed his eyes. His breathing began to grow more stable like he was now asleep. Jun Wu Xie did not immediately react to it but just ordered for people to bring the little Emperor inside to rest.

    Seeing the little Emperor being carried away without being aware of anything, Jun Wu Xie could not help but sigh out. He was still so young. It was most unbearable to have to see such a young child having to suffer so much.

    After the little Emperor was carried away, Jun Wu Xie suddenly pulled out an Imperial Edict and placed it before Jun Xian.

    "This is?" Jun Xian reached out a hand to pick it up, and he pulled the Imperial Edict open to peruse it. His face immediately contorted into a peculiar expression!

    Upon that Imperial Edict, it was clearly stated that the Condor Country was willing to gift half of the Condor Country's empire to the Qi Kingdom, as compensation for the previous war it waged upon them.

    For the defeated to compensate the victors, that might have been an indisputable fact, but never had it been heard that the roles could be reversed, and were compensating such an absolutely astounding figure.

    With the vast and expansive lands the Condor Country possessed, the amount of land indicated as compensation was already several times the size of the Qi Kingdom itself!

    "What is this Imperial Edict all about?" Jun Xian asked, completely confused.

    Jun Wu Xie said in a light tone: "All of the lands that belonged to the Condor Country has been completely given away to the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom in compensation, and under the Heavens today, the Condor Country no longer exists."
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