Chapter 1267: “You’re Back (1)”

    Chapter 1267: "You're Back (1)"

    Jun Xian and Jun Qing exchanged a look and they saw within each other's eyes the immense shock. Such a mighty Condor Country, was really obliterated in such a short period of time? That was just too unbelievable.

    Moreover, Jun Wu Xie had not expended even a single foot soldier, and she had accomplished it so cleanly and completely, which just made it even more astounding.

    [The second biggest Condor Country, had.....]

    [Vanished just like that?]

    "I just leave the Imperial Edict with Grandfather to hand it over to Mo Qian Yuan then. As for how we are going to take over the Condor Country's assets, the two of you can just discuss it between yourselves." Jun Wu Xie was not knowledgeable in things like this and she would rather not ask about it.

    It took Jun Xian and Jun Qing a great deal of effort before they were able to digest the news they had just been told. In contrast to Jun Wu Xie indifferent nonchalance, the two men really could not really maintain the composure properly.

    They could not even begin to imagine, just how Jun Wu Xie had managed to achieve all that.

    The two had thought that they had already gotten used to Jun Wu Xie's demonic capabilities, but at that moment, they could not help but feel the little lass was just becoming more and more Heaven defying.

    "Alright. I will bring this Imperial Edict to His Majesty in a moment." Jun Xian said with a nod of his head. Taking over the Condor Country's lands was not as simple as it looked on the surface. Demarcating the kingdom's boundaries to incorporate the lands into the Qi Kingdom would not pose much of a problem, but what would be difficult would be to convince the citizens who had once belonged to the Condor Country to accept all of it. It was expected that a lot of effort would be required to be spent on integration.

    Jun Xian left for the Imperial Palace very soon after that, and after Jun Qing made arrangements for Qiao Chu and the other companions to have a place to rest, Jun Wu Xie made her way towards the little Emperor's room.

    The little Emperor was lying upon the bed, looking like he was asleep, quiet and silent without a sound. But not long after that, Jun Wu Xie noticed something strange.

    She saw a faint white light spreading out from the little Emperor's chest, gradually enveloping his entire body completely!

    Jun Wu Xie immediately went up to him and pulled the little Emperor's shirt front open to check. She saw that the Soul Calming Jade that Jun Qing had placed upon the little Emperor body was undergoing a mystifying change!

    That piece of jade was giving out a warm glow, which shone through the little Emperor's under clothes, and the entire piece of jade, was actually firmly stuck against the little Emperor's chest, and gradually sinking right into the little Emperor's flesh!

    Jun Wu Xie was highly startled and she was just about to reach her hand out to touch it.

    But in the very next moment, a warm hand was holding the hand she had reached out, pulling her tiny hand back.

    "Don't touch. Be good. He will be fine." The all too familiar voice resounded within her ears, and Jun Wu Xie's body stiffened, as she felt her back press against a warm and wide broad chest!

    "Without me around, you seem to always like to pick up these strange little things back." His voice was filled with mirth as it sounded within Jun Wu Xie ears once more.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say a word. Without knowing why, she suddenly felt a bizarre feeling rise and spread throughout her body.

    Her tiny hand was clasped within the large warm hand and being gently kneaded, as the highly magnetic voice continued to sound within her ears.

    "People afflicted with Scarlet Blood and does not die, is hard to find throughout the world. Unless that ring spirit voluntarily sacrifices its soul, to shield the body from being eroded by the Scarlet Blood, I'm afraid he would have been dead by now. But although the ring spirit and you managed to salvage his shell of a body, you were not able to protect his spirit. His spirit wasn't taken out from him, but had been destroyed. His situation is a little different from your father's. Only by letting the Soul Calming Jade meld into his body, as a replacement of his spiritual core, to gradually gather itself together, would he stand a chance of recovering to be like a normal person. The Soul Calming Jade will not hurt him, you don't have to worry about that." The voice slowly reached Jun Wu Xie's ears, in between the words, the warm breath of the person behind her brushing over Jun Wu Xie's neck.


    Authour's Note: The story in the Lower Realm is left with the Dark Emperor's tomb, and we will be concluding phase very soon. A little bit of a mental block and I hope everyone will understand. I will do my best to write more.
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