Chapter 1268: “You’re Back (2)”

    Chapter 1268: "You're Back (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her head and looked at that attractive looking chin, as a glint flashed within her eyes.

    Jun Wu Yao noticed her movements and with a smile upon his lips, he lowered his head to look down at Jun Wu Xie looking at him with her eyes opened wide. Thinking that she looked exceptionally adorable at that moment, he could not help himself but to plant a light kiss upon the tip of that small nose.

    Jun Wu Xie's face turned a light pink and she lowered her head quickly.

    Jun Wu Yao behind her then let out a light laugh in tease.

    "The Soul Calming Jade can really heal him?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she felt a unexplainable heat coming onto her face. That highly unfamiliar emotion made her feel slightly uncomfortable and she had to change the subject and turn the focus back into the figure of the little Emperor.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie as she tried to divert the topic and he thought it rather amusing. But he was not anxious to push it and just patiently embraced Jun Wu Xie within his arms and said: "It can, but it will just require a long period of time that's all. The Scarlet Blood is actually a modified form of something called Scarlet Darkness in the Middle Realm but there was a very big problem with it. Both the Scarlet Blood and Scarlet Darkness are based on a highly similar concept but as Scarlet Blood lacks just one highly critical element in it, what it produces would ultimately turn out to become an inferior product."

    Jun Wu Yao's gaze then fell upon the little Emperor lying upon the bed.

    "Scarlet Darkness? What is that?" Jun Wu Xie asked inquisitively.

    Jun Wu Yao replied with a laugh: "That is something from the Dark Region. Long ago, the Dark Emperor used Scarlet Darkness to create a group of powerful followers and it was not known from where the other powers in the Middle Realm somehow found out some information on it and wanted to emulate the whole thing, but ended up drawing a dog when they failed to paint the tiger they envisioned (Translator Note: Chinese idiom loosely translated - Failing to replicate something and ending up with inferior product). Scarlet Blood is afterall incomplete and although it was able to create powerful fighters, they were unable to live for long after that. Power gained at the price of one's spirit and life force, really wouldn't be of much use."

    [With a lifespan of just three days, no matter how powerful they were, what could they achieve?]

    [In three days, wouldn't they just end up turning into a pile of bones under the soil?]

    "The Soul Calming Jade is by itself a precious treasure for spirit bodies and although there is only one half of it, it can still be put to effective use."

    Jun Wu Xie listened quietly and her heart was finally feeling a little more relieved.

    She might have been really tired out, or it might be because Jun Wu Yao's appearance had made Jun Wu Xie feel secure. Held within Jun Wu Yao's arms, Jun Wu Xie actually fell into deep slumber.

    Jun Wu Yao lifted the sleeping Jun Wu Xie horizontally in his arms, and sent her into her room to rest. He then retraced his steps after that, to appear once more within the little Emperor's room.

    "Lord Jue." Ye Mei had been keeping watch by the little Emperor's bedside but within the pair of eyes that looked upon the little Emperor, there wasn't the slightest tinge of sympathy.

    "Should your subordinate kill him?" Ye Mei's voice was filled with thick and intense murder.

    All those afflicted with Scarlet Blood, were a form of insult to Jun Wu Yao and they must not be allowed to remain in existence.

    Jun Wu Yao walked over to the little Emperor's bedside and looked at the piece of Soul Calming Jade upon the front of the little Emperor's chest gradually turning into liquid form as it melded right into the little Emperor's  body and said: "Those people in the Middle Realm have really tried very hard to replicate the Night Regime's splendour but have still failed. Ye Mei, do you know in what way is this little kid upon the bed different from all of you?"

    Ye Mei shook his head.

    "I do not know."

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed and the ends of his mouth hooked up into a devilish smile.

    "Scarlet Blood has already successfully replicated everything that Scarlet Darkness is, but there is just one thing they would never be able to reproduce and it is absolutely irreplaceable. Do you know what that is?"

    "Your subordinate does not know." Ye Mei stated.

    Jun Wu Yao slowly raised up a hand, and with the fingernail of his middle finger, he scratched open the flesh of his thumb.
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