Chapter 1270: “Yit” (1)

    Chapter 1270: "Yit" (1)

    The little Emperor sat mournfully on the bed, his big pair of scarlet eyes peeking left and right, as if he was looking for something.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the little Emperor who was finally showing some expression on his face and her heart felt both happy and depressed at the same time.

    The little Emperor was looking a lot more lively than before and his eyes were no longer calm and expressionless like still water. But the places where his gaze wandered was rather strange, where he was either staring at the tables and chairs, or the decorative ornaments placed within the room. Jun Wu Xie could not help feeling if she was not standing there, the little Emperor would have already leapt over to them and already swallowed up those things that were inedible.

    "Little Jue." Jun Wu Xie suddenly called out.

    The little Emperor did not give much of a reaction but just stood there on one side to look at Jun Wu Xie, suddenly raising up his eyebrows.

    [Little Jue..... Jue.....]

    "What else do you remember?" Jun Wu Xie did not notice Jun Wu Yao's reaction but closely observing the little Emperor's face.

    The little Emperor blinked his eyes and he lowered his head into his shoulders as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.


    "....." Jun Wu Xie was speechless.

    Fortunately, it was only a little while more that the servants in the Lin Palace brought in quite a spread of different dishes. Jun Wu Xie tried to get the little Emperor to come to the table and the little Emperor did not resist, allowing himself to be led, to finally sit himself at the table.

    "Eat this if you're hungry." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at the little Emperor.

    The little Emperor looked up at Jun Wu Xie and then turned to look at Jun Wu Yao standing behind her. He hesitated for a while before he slowly lifted his hand and lowered his head to eat.

    "What is happening to him now?" Jun Wu Xie asked as her brows furrowed together. It was a good thing that the little Emperor had regained his awareness, but she could not help feeling that something did not feel right.

    Jun Wu Yao said from the side: "The Soul Calming Jade can become the spirit's core, but that merely allows his spirit to be reconstructed. His spirit now is completely brand new, like a newborn where all his past memories are no longer present."

    The little Emperor was still the little Emperor, but just without all his memories of his past, where he had become just like a newborn babe.

    Seeking for things all around him, that might fill up his deficient spirit.

    Jun Wu Xie had been about to say something when she discovered that the little Emperor had not only cleaned out all the food on the table, he had even stuffed the white jade cups used to contain water into his mouth. Jun Wu Xie rushed forward and reached her hand out wanting to remove it when she heard a loud and crisp crack. The hard white jade cup had been crushed by the little Emperor's teeth.....

    The white jade cup had been inlaid with gold and was highly sturdy. Not to mention the teeth of a eight or nine year old child, even for a fully grown man to crush it with his teeth, it would have required him to exert an highly immense amount of strength.

    But that cup in the little Emperor's mouth, had been brittle like white jade tofu, quickly being crushed up, to turn into dust.

    Jun Wu Xie could even hear the crisp crackling sounds clearly, as the little Emperor chewed up the white jade cup, and swallowed it down into his stomach.....

    After eating, his gaze then turned one more to fix upon a jade Ruyi placed upon the rosewood shelf.

    "Yit Ruyi....." The little Emperor turned his head back and looking pleadingly at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie really did not know how to describe the conflicted feelings and shock that filled her heart at that moment.

    [This kid.....]

    [Actually feeds on jade!]

    Jun Wu Yao stood on the side to admire Jun Wu Xie's shocked expression, his eyes sparkling with mirth.

    "Although the Soul Calming Jade is meant to be used on spirit bodies, it would however still need to absorb energy. Jade items must surely contain some useful element in them for it and the Soul Calming Jade's needs would manifest upon the little Emperor. For the Soul Calming Jade truly repair his spirit, it will need a consistent supply of energy." Jun Wu Yao explained.
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