Chapter 1271: “Yit” (2)

    Chapter 1271: "Yit" (2)

    The Soul Calming Jade was not whole afterall, and although it was meant to be used on spirit bodies, the energy required by the spirit was too much and it could not be completed by just relying upon the Soul Calming Jade alone. The Soul Calming Jade needed more energy and it needed the little Emperor to absorb it from external sources for it to transform it into spirit energy.

    Not just jade stones, but anything that contained spirit essence would pose to be highly irresistible to the Soul Calming Jade within the little Emperor's body.

    That was not the hunger of the physical body, but the emptiness of the spirit.

    "It will be harm his body?" Jun Wu Xie asked with a frown. Although she had a rough understanding of what Jun Wu Yao had explained, but for a human body, how could it possibly be able to absorb jade stones? Even if it had been crushed and chewed up, having fine jade stones within the stomach might very well cause some other problems.

    Jun Wu Yao walked forward and he pried open the little Emperor's mouth who had his eyes still fixed upon the jade Ruyi.

    Within the little Emperor's mouth, there were suddenly an additional two fang like teeth. Although they were not too large, they were exceptionally sharp.

    "This child, is already no longer just an ordinary human. All these things, will not cause him the slightest harm in anyway."

    The little Emperor stared blankly at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes seemingly tinged with a trace of subservience.

    This was the first time Jun Wu Xie was encountering something like this. If those words had not come from Jun Wu Yao, she would not have believed them, but since Jun Wu Yao was the one who said it, then they couldn't possibly be wrong.

    Looking at the little Emperor stare at the jade Ruyi with such longing in his eyes, Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to stand up and took down the jade Ruyi, and placed it in the little Emperor's hands.

    The little Emperor carried the jade Ruyi in his hands, looking just like someone who had gone hungry for a long time and was holding a roast chicken excitedly. His big limpid eyes turned to look at Jun Wu Xie once more and when Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, he brought the jade Ruyi up to his mouth and began gnawing upon it.

    'Crunch crunch crunch.....'

    Those sounds, made Jun Wu Xie's heart jump together with them.

    When Qiao Chu and the others came over to find Jun Wu Xie, they saw the little Emperor hugging a half chewed up jade Ruyi sitting on one side..... 'Crunch crunch crunch', and the several youths suddenly found themselves stunned.

    "What..... What kind of a situation is this? Is the a new kind of snack made by the Lin Palace's kitchen? Ha..... ha..... it really looks very much like a jade Ruyi....." Qiao Chu said as a twitch started to tug at the corner of his mouth. He told himself that his eyes must be playing tricks on him as how could a tiny little kid like that possibly be gnawing upon a jade Ruyi.

    "I think, that isn't really a snack." Fan Zhuo said in a cool voice.

    "....." Qiao Chu's face was filled with surprise.

    "He's recovered?" Rong Ruo came walking in from the side, as she looked at the little Emperor who had his head lowered down to chomped upon the jade Ruyi, to ask Jun Wu Xie in astonishment.

    Jun Wu Xie roughly told little her companions of the little Emperor's current condition and the several youths really did not know how to react to that.

    The little Emperor seemed to be doing much better than before but..... it still wasn't a full recovery!

    The jade Ruyi was almost as long as the child's arm and the little Emperor had completely chewed it up without a trace left. His gaze then continued to search through the room and he seemed to have suddenly detected something as he lifted his hand to touch the jade pendant around his neck.

    Just as Jun Wu Xie thought that he was going to start to "yit" again, the little one did not show much interest towards the jade pendant and he released his grip upon it very quickly.

    "Looking at him like this, will he really be fine?" Qiao Chu scratched at his head, feeling it all rather strange.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, besides jade stones, isn't there anything more normal that would be able to raise the Soul Calming Jade's power?" Qiao Chu asked.

    Jun Wu Yao smiled and replied: "Yes, there is."

    "What is it?"

    "Ring spirits."
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