Chapter 1272: “Yit” (3)

    Chapter 1272: "Yit" (3)

    "....." Qiao Chu's eyes bulged like a goldfish

    [What the hell! ?]

    [A human devouring a ring spirit! !]

    His gaze instinctively turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, as if the only one capable enough of achieving that feat would only be.....

    Jun Wu Xie shot him an icy glare, and Qiao Chu immediately sobered up.

    "It's different from Little Xie here. Little Xie devours ring spirits to breakthrough her spirit power levels, while in this little fella's case, it is to repair and patch his spirit." Jun Wu Yao quipped.

    "In fact, as long as anything contains the essence of spirits, he would be able to eat it."

    Jun Wu Yao's voice had just fallen when the little Emperor who had been seated upon his chair suddenly seemed to have discovered something and he hopped off the chair to totter over to Rong Ruo. He then tilted his head inquisitively and looked at Rong Ruo's face.

    Rong Ruo smiled sweetly at the little one.

    "Yit big brother." The little Emperor said as he bounced excitedly.

    Rong Ruo suddenly found that she could not smile anymore.....

    The other people in the room were also frozen in shock.

    All he thought of was "yiting" and now he wants to eat a human! ! ?

    Fei Yan had in an instant shot forward to stand in front of Rong Ruo, putting himself right in between the little Emperor and Rong Ruo.

    "This one is not edible!" Fei Yan exclaimed anxiously.

    The little Emperor shrunk his head back into his shoulders and looked at Fei Yan guiltily, his tiny hands fidgeting nervously as they were clasped before his little chest, his shoulders trembling with his large eyes brimming with tears, a truly pitiful sight.

    Fei Yan, who had jumped out in the first instance to defend his "prospective future bride", upon seeing the little Emperor teetering on the verge of tears, suddenly found his anxiety immediately evaporating into smoke, and his heart was quickly overwhelmed with such shameful guilt like he was abusing a tiny frightened animal.

    "Hey..... There's no need to cry." Fei Yan started to soothe in a hurry.

    It was still not that bad when he didn't say it, but once he mentioned "cry", the tears brimming within the little Emperor's eyes immediately fell, that shamefaced expression upon his face with his soundless cries, looked every inch a little pitiful waif that had been taken advantage of.

    Fei Yan was feeling a little helpless and getting a little faint. [What did he even do?]

    This is brat here had wanted to eat his "prospective bride" and he had adamantly denied him by just saying just one sentence, why was he already crying.....

    Ever since he had unintentionally stumbled into that steamy scene, Fei Yan had tagged "future bride" onto Rong Ruo's head. Although it didn't feel much different on most days, but if one observed carefully, one would still be able to detect that Fei Yan was extra caring and gentle towards Rong Ruo.

    But the entire bunch of them had instinctively chosen to overlook it, and only Rong Ruo was the only one feeling helpless throughout it all.

    She had wanted to privately speak about it with Fei Yan but the always sharp tongued Fei Yan when faced with Rong Ruo alone, he would either run away disappearing without a trace red faced, or be in such a complete helpless loss that he was not even able to hear Rong Ruo's words at all.

    After some time passed, Rong Ruo gave up on the idea of trying to explain it to Fei Yan and just left him to feel proud about it on his own.

    Fei Yan felt the highly accusing gaze from the little one and he was rather speechless. He was just protecting his future bride so what was he doing wrong? !

    The little one was able to even crush jade stone with his teeth so how could his future bride's soft and fair flesh be able to withstand the little Emperor's sharp teeth?

    Under that harsh and highly critical gaze, Fei Yan had no other choice but to dig out a small jade piece to stuff into the little Emperor's hands.

    "Eat eat eat, don't eat big brother, eat this!"

    Qiao Chu's sharp eyes spotted the piece of jade and said: "Isn't that the one you just bought and was going to give....."

    Qiao Chu had not even been able to finish his words when Fei Yan's dagger stare shut him up immediately.

    The little Emperor held the jade pendant in his hands and looked at Fei Yan hesitantly and blinked his eyes at him: "Don't eat big brother, eat jade pendant....."

    Fei Yan very nearly burst into tears and nodded while bleeding in the heart.


    The little Emperor immediately broke into smiles after getting his hands on something to "yit", his hands clasping the jade pendant that Fei Yan had spent a great amount of money to get, and he went to hide in one corner and crunched away happily.....
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