Chapter 1273: “Gifts for You (1)”

    Chapter 1273: "Gifts for You (1)"

    Watching the little Emperor eat so happily, Fei Yan's tears were flowing like a river.

    "I just thought of one thing." Qiao Chu said, rubbing his chin.

    "What?" Hua Yao said.

    "When we go to the Dark Emperor's tomb, will we then bring the little one with us? Isn't it said that the Dark Emperor's tomb is filled with countless treasures and magical artifacts? The amount of jade there and things filled with the essence of spirit must be numerous. If the little one really needs to, it shouldn't be a big problem to bring him with us, and let him feast till he is satisfied. Wouldn't that be just great?" Qiao Chu said naively.

    "The Dark Emperor's tomb is filled with untold dangers and having him with us then might not be safe for him." Rong Ruo said with a slight frown on her face. She was not afraid about anything else about the suggestion, but just for the safety of the little Emperor. The few of them had been to the Heaven's End Cliff and they knew just how dangerous the place was. It was already difficult for them to protect themselves in there, what's more with a very young little Emperor with a weakened spirit tagging along with them?

    "In that aspect, all of you would not have to worry." Jun Wu Yao said suddenly. "In terms of individual battle prowess, among all of you here, none of you is a match for him." His eyes turned to look at the little Emperor who was still chewing on his jade pendant.

    All the youths there stared wide eyed in disbelief, looking at the bumbling little Emperor who only knew how to say "yit yit yit".

    "Scarlet Blood by itself was created to give one absolute power. He was not killed by the Scarlet Blood, but the power that comes with Scarlet Blood is already in him." Jun Wu Yao explained to them helpfully.

    "Really?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she turned to Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao smiled and replied: "When have I ever lied to you?"

    Jun Wu Xie was rather surprised. "Are you saying we can bring him along with us?"

    Jun Wu Yao nodded his head.

    "Not just him, but I will also be accompanying you."

    When he said that, Jun Wu Yao's gaze had never shifted away from Jun Wu Xie's face. Although his lips were smiling, his words were truthfully sincere.

    Jun Wu Xie subconsciously lowered her head, as her heart suddenly began beating very fast.

    "Hey, with Big Brother Wu Yao with us, there is then nothing we have to fear anymore!" Qiao Chu was Jun Wu Yao's biggest and most loyal fan, and towards Jun Wu Yao's prowess, he completely worshipped the man. Hearing that Jun Wu Yao would be going with them, he was happier than anyone could be.

    "We are just left with the last two maps. So let's go all out for them to gather them as quickly as we can and we can then go to the Dark Emperor's tomb!" Qiao Chu said as he rubbed his fist, fully prepared to give it a good go.

    The youths in the room revealed wide smiles as the day they had waited for had been too long, much too long in coming. Hope was now just before their eyes and they could almost feel their blood boiling with the heat from the insatiable desire to exact blood vengeance.

    "There is no need for all of you to seek them any further." Jun Wu Yao said suddenly.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at him in puzzlement.

    Jun Wu Yao then nodded slightly and Ye Mei who was standing on the side pulled out two small brocade boxes from within his clothes, and brought them before Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie gazed at Jun Wu Yao, not knowing what he intended to do.

    "Because I had not been able to stay by your side recently, these gifts are just little knick knacks I gathered together just for you, and I hope Little Xie will not dislike them." Jun Wu Yao said with a light laugh, raising his hand to stroke Jun Wu Xie on the head.

    Jun Wu Xie went up and opened the boxes in Ye Mei's hands.

    Two old maps heavily browned human skin maps sat quietly within the two brocade boxes!

    "They are maps! !" Qiao Chu exclaimed out in great surprise.

    Within the two brocade boxes, was contained the two very pieces of maps that Jun Wu Xie and her companions were still seeking for!

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head in confusion as she wanted to ask him about them. But at the very instant she had just turned her face, Jun Wu Yao suddenly came close and took advantage of the situation to plant a kiss onto Jun Wu Xie's slightly opened little mouth.
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