Chapter 1274: “Gifts for You (2)”

    Chapter 1274: "Gifts for You (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head in confusion as she wanted to ask him about them. But at the very instant she had just turned her face, Jun Wu Yao suddenly came close and took advantage of the situation to plant a kiss onto Jun Wu Xie's slightly opened little mouth.

    Unlike the light touch like a dragonfly touches the water from before, this kiss from Jun Wu Yao was not going for just a slight taste before pulling back, but he hooked his arm around Jun Wu Xie waist and pulled her into his embrace, deepening that kiss even further.

    Qiao Chu at the side was stunned witnessing it.

    They had never in their dreams ever thought.....

    Everything had happened too fast and they were suddenly caught in a fluster on how to react!

    Qiao Chu's mind was thrown into messy chaos, unable to comprehend what was suddenly happening.

    [Why had BIg Brother Wu Yao so suddenly just kissed Little Xie like this.....]

    Fan Zhuo cleared his throat slightly and gave a look to his several other young companions. Hua Yao physically dragged the wide eyed and open mouthed Qiao Chu out from the room and even Ye Mei put the boxes down upon a table by the side while he carried the still munching little Emperor to quickly escape from the place without a trace.

    Very soon within the entire room, only Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao were left.

    This kiss, came on too suddenly and Jun Wu Xie was caught completely off guard. Her petite frame, coiled up and held against the broad chest made her suddenly feel a little lost, a little helpless.

    The fragrance he had missed for awhile filled up within his mouth and Jun Wu Yao wished that time would stop at that moment as he did not want to let go at all, not even for the slightest instant.

    "Breath." But in the end, he still released Jun Wu Xie's tiny mouth and he reminded helpfully when he realized that the little one was actually so shocked that she had even forgotten to breathe when he saw her face turned red. Jun Wu Yao then laughed out loud most devilishly.

    "You....." Jun Wu Xie muttered as she stared at Jun Wu Yao, her cheeks rosy and her eyes misted over slightly, reducing the usual cold chill those eyes always showed, that were now tinged with a little innocence of a young girl.

    That look almost melted Jun Wu Yao's heart.

    For that pair of eyes, he would be willing to go do anything.

    As long as that pair of eyes, only had him, one man alone.

    "You like it?" Jun Wu Yao's voice was a little raspy as he said softly.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at him blankly. "What....."

    Jun Wu Yao then gave her a highly teasing smile.

    "What do you think?"

    Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes, still feeling a little confused.

    Jun Wu Yao laughed helplessly and just carried her in his arms to go sit down upon a chair at the side. He lifted the two pieces of maps from the brocade boxes and placed them in her hands.

    "Like it?"

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the maps in her hands and asked: "When did you manage to find them?"

    Jun Wu Yao said with a laugh: "I found one of them before the Qi Kingdom was attacked and I wanted to find the rest of them before I give them to you as a gift, so I did not tell you about it before." It was to be a surprise, that he specially prepared for her.

    "Thank you....." Jun Wu Xie said in all seriousness as she looked at Jun Wu Yao. Jun Wu Yao had always been shrouded in mystery and was always disappearing at different times, seeing the dragon's head but never seeing its tail. Jun Wu Xie guessed that he could highly possibly have his own affairs to take care of and those matters were not anything mundane.

    Everytime he disappeared, Jun Wu Xie had assumed that he was dealing with his own matters and had never thought that the last two instances had been for a different purpose.

    He had left because he went to seek out the remaining maps of the Dark Emperor's tomb for her.

    "Between you and me, there is no need for thanks." Jun Wu Yao said with a smile and left a light kiss upon her forehead. As long as it made her happy, he did not think doing all this was inappropriate in the slightest.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao and hesitated a moment before she lifted her head up. Before Jun Wu Yao could react, she kissed Jun Wu Yao upon the lips.

    In the instant when her soft lips lightly touched his, Jun Wu Yao's eyes flashed with surprise and shock!
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