Chapter 1275: “Gifts for You (3)”

    Chapter 1275: "Gifts for You (3)"

    It was just an instant of a light fleeting touch, but it caused Jun Wu Yao's entire being to become frozen as he stiffly stared at Jun Wu Xie, when within those jet black eyes, suddenly swirled with with a flowing violet light.

    That delicate and soft little kiss, drove Jun Wu Yao's mind to immediately blank out, his line of thoughts suddenly severed, the surroundings seemingly all gone quiet, all his senses shut down in an instant ,where only the tiny and faint bit of warmth that lingered on his lips clearly gripped his entire mind.

    It wasn't the first kiss, but at the same time it was the first kiss.

    And this time, it was more moving than any other time it had happened.

    After Jun Wu Xie speedily planted that fleeting kiss upon Jun Wu Yao's lips, she silently put some distance between them, her clear face tinged faintly pink, her eyes a little puzzled as she looked at Jun Wu Yao.

    Usually wrapped with a highly devilish air around him, Jun Wu Yao had at that moment seemingly completely lost his consciousness, and was merely staring in shock and surprise at her, his eyes unable to maintain their pure black state due to his surging tumultuous emotions, washing over him like the unstoppable rising tides.

    Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes. This was the first time she had taken the initiative to kiss Jun Wu Yao, but his reaction had seemed to be rather different from before.....

    [Had she done anything wrongly?]

    However, before Jun Wu Xie could finish contemplating her thoughts on that question.....

    The arm holding her by her waist, suddenly tightened its grip, and her petite body was pulled to become tightly plastered against his broad chest, where she could almost clearly feel, under that wide muscular chest, the wild throbbing of a strong heartbeat.

    A fiery and passionate kiss then swallowed up Jun Wu Xie in the next instant.

    Completely unlike her light fleeting kiss, not at all like the usual light teases from before.

    Filled with a strong desire and dominance, filled with endless tenderness, as it invaded her mouth, taking from her her breath entirely within, taking in every ounce of her fragrance.

    That passionate kiss, made Jun Wu Xie feel all her limbs go weak, only held up by the strong arm behind her back, like all her strength had been sucked out of her, and her mind seemed to shut down at that moment, only remembering one thing, which was that familiar scent that belonged to Jun Wu Yao, that filled her senses.

    The palm of his other free hand, was pressed against her back, running over her spine over her clothes. Almost seemingly unsatisfied, the hand slipped under the cloth, lighting up in flames the soft supple skin down her back.

    It was like clusters of fire were burning on her back, ignited under his hand that spread over her entire back.

    She felt as if she was about to completely lose her breath in that instant.

    Jun Wu Xie's limp and weak body fell backwards in that moment's loss of control, the arm holding her by the waist not letting her go in the slightest, as if it was going to meld her right into his bones.

    Jun Wu Yao lifted her arm and slipped it around to the back of his neck, his roving hand not showing any signs of retreating.

    Seemingly like he was imprinting her entire being right into her soul, his fingers upon that skin unable to let go.

    The light cloth of her clothes was in a dishevelled state under the ferocity and the rustle of the clothes sounded within her ears. Like the wings of a cicada, a jade white shoulder was revealed to the air. The chill of winter still hung heavily and the air was still filled with a biting chill, which made Jun Wu Xie felt a shiver run through her involuntarily.

    But in that instant of feeling the chill while locked with his arm, the burning brushed over her shoulder, immediately driving away the chilling cold, bringing to her a scorching warmth.

    Under his fingers, that smooth and soft touch, slowly burned away Jun Wu Yao's rationality bit by bit.
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