Chapter 1276: “A Little Flustered (1)”

    Chapter 1276: "A Little Flustered (1)"

    [That's not enough!]

    [Not in the least!]

    [He longed for more.]

    Jun Wu Yao suddenly got up, carrying Jun Wu Xie to stride with wide steps further inside the room. He gently propped her up to let her limp body lean against his shoulder.

    It was just a few steps' distance, but Jun Wu Yao's forehead beaded with perspiration. He set Jun Wu Xie down gingerly upon the bed, his strong arms extended while holding Jun Wu Xie on both shoulder to set her down. He looked down at Jun Wu Xie lying upon the bed, with her eyes still misted over.

    Beads of perspiration rolled down from his forehead, dripping onto Jun Wu Xie's neck.

    The crystal clear beads of sweat flowed down the incredibly fair and flawless skin. Inch by inch, Jun Wu Yao's gaze was led, till the clear beads soaked into the black hair.

    Jun Wu Yao's throat quivered, his gaze turned deep and solemn, and even his breath became slower as a ball of flame burned in his chest that made every single cell within him scream.

    "Little Xie....." His voice was so low and raspy it sounded like it had been rubbed with sandpaper.

    Jun Wu Yao stared at Jun Wu Xie's slightly pink shoulder, and his gaze was lit aflame as it moved over the fair supple skin, looking at the splendour covered by the clothes.

    Always dressed in male clothes, it had not been obvious, but Jun Wu Xie had already possessed the allure and lasciviousness of a young lady. It was just a slight difference, but it tugged at Jun Wu Yao's heart, making him long to burn those highly hindering pieces of cloth, not wishing to have anything covering all her splendour.

    All of this.....

    Can be seen only by him alone.

    And belongs only to him alone.

    His long, slender and attractive fingers raised up slightly, the tip of a finger hooked upon Jun Wu Xie's clothes' collar. Time seemed to slow to a crawl at that moment. Jun Wu Yao did not notice that his finger was already shaking, slipping out from under his control.

    It only needed a light tug, and there wouldn't be anymore of that blasted hindering cover.

    The beast within his chest was eager to break out of its cage, roaring to be free.

    "Big Brother?" Jun Wu Xie's mind was a complete blank, the inexplicable searing heat burning up her body making her feel uneasy, her eyes misted up so badly he almost could not see Jun Wu Yao's face clearly. Her weak voice came out in a soft indistinct murmur, like a mesmerized little animal caught in helplessness.

    But that almost inaudible sound had struck like a thunderous bolt, right into Jun Wu Yao's mind, that suddenly dragged Jun Wu Yao's senses forcibly back in an instant!

    He looked at Jun Wu Xie who had her mouth slightly opened, stared at the completely defenceless gaze, and the muscles on his arm bunched together. He drew in a mighty deep breath, and the finger hooked around the shirt's collar slowly moved away.

    "You should get yourself changed." Jun Wu Yao left a gentle kiss upon her forehead and suddenly pulled himself away to leave, taking humongous strides out of the room!

    Inside that room, it was filled completely with her scent, and he did not know whether he would still be able to continue to maintain the very last vestiges of his remaining will if he continued to remain in there.

    With a bang, the room's door was quickly shut, and Jun Wu Xie slowly sat up. Without the warmth from Jun Wu Yao's body, she felt a chill creep onto her arms and shoulder, the cold causing her to huddle up slightly while she clasped the blanket to her as she sat on the bed, and it was not known what kind of thoughts were going through her mind.

    Just outside the room's door, Ye Mei suddenly noticed Jun Wu Yao's presence and he was just about to say something when he saw the figure of Jun Wu Yao flashed past his eyes like a lightning bolt!

    Jun Wu Yao shut himself within his room. Although he had left her back there, he could still seem to feel her presence on him, the scent that belonged only to her, plastered all over his being, that had challenged his sanity with every passing moment.

    Suddenly, Jun Wu Yao ripped the shirt off his body and tossed it carelessly upon a stool by the side. His muscular body bare, he strode over to come to the side of the bathtub.
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