Chapter 1277: “A Little Flustered (2)”

    Chapter 1277: "A Little Flustered (2)"

    Jun Wu Yao grabbed at the scoop at the water's surface and splashed the water that had gone cold long ago over himself.

    The crystalline drops of water splattered off his golden bronzed skin, flowing down along the curves along his body slowly, outlining the outstanding physique that put all men to shame.

    Outside the door of the room, Ye Mei who had followed behind his Lord heard the splashes of water, and he wisely remained outside, not daring to disturb his Lord.

    [It isn't easy..... for Lord Jue.....]

    Jun Wu Xie remained sitting alone inside her room for a long while. The little black cat who had hid itself in a corner finally came walking out slowly. In that situation earlier, he really did not dare to make a noise, or it would have been obliterated from existence by that great Demon Lord.

    "Cough..... Erm..... Mistress..... If you feel like crying....." The little black cat said as it raised a tiny paw and patted its pitifully tiny shoulder generously.

    "Use as you wish."

    Having witnessed its Mistress almost devoured up,the little black cat had been so shocked its soul had almost flown out of it. However, it was not a match for the great Demon Lord at all.

    Seeing Jun Wu Xie's blank expression now, the little black cat could vaguely feel..... that its Mistress should be rather traumatised this time.

    [That great Demon Lord of whatever was just too much!]

    Jun Wu Xie was silent for a long while before she suddenly turned to look at the little black cat.

    "Why should I cry?"

    "Har?" The little black cat was flabbergasted. This reaction seems rather out of place here!

    [Its Mistress had just been taken advantage of by that great Demon Lord! According to common logic, wasn't she supposed to be breaking out in tears now?]

    "I..... didn't exactly dislike that....." Jun Wu Xie muttered as she lowered her eyes. Although her mind had completely blanked out earlier, but she had not detested Jun Wu Yao's touch. If not, she would not have allowed him to continue on.

    "HAR? ? ? ! ! !" The little black cat was so astonished that its eyes were almost popping out from their sockets from his stare.

    [Does its MIstress really know what she is talking about?]

    "It seemed to have felt rather different." Jun Wu Xie said as she touched her slightly swollen lips. Everything that had happened earlier, had made her began to vaguely feel that Jun Wu Yao was rather different from other people.

    [Not like Jun Qing and Jun Xian, nor like Qiao Chu, Brother Hua and the others.]

    [But..... just what kind of a feeling was that?]

    She wasn't sure, and she did not understand.

    She only knew that she did not dislike Jun Wu Yao coming into such close proximity, and did not detest getting close to him, to the extent that after that light kiss, her heart had filled with a sweetness she had never experienced before..... tinged with a trace of helpless fluster. It was a subtle emotion that she could not grasp nor understand fully, like she wanted to go get closer, but was at the same time flustered, so confusing that she was not able to decide just what that feeling was.

    The only thing she knew, was that Jun Wu Yao was different from the way she felt towards the members of her family.

    Afterall when it came down to the facts, there were absolutely no blood ties between her and Jun Wu Yao at all, the form of address she used on him, was just coincide with the identity Jun Wu Yao had tailored for himself before. However ignorant Jun Wu Xie could possibly be in these matters, she still knew that she and Jun Wu Yao were not real siblings.

    [Not siblings.....]

    [Then what were they?]

    Jun Wu Xie's always highly intelligent mind when faced with this problem, suddenly became sorely inadequate to deal with it.

    She had always been able to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the countless situations they were confronted with, accurately analyse the opponents scheming plots, devise up cunning strategies and deploy her pieces accordingly..... But..... against these strange and unfamiliar emotions and feelings, she was at a complete loss.

    The little black cat's mouth was agape, its eyes staring at Jun Wu Xie's highly different gaze than what it had expected, and an ominous feeling blossomed within its heart.

    [Heavens' dang it!]

    [Could Mistress..... have possibly fallen in love with that great Demon Lord! ! ?]

    [NOOOOOOOO! ! ! !]
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