Chapter 1278: “A Little Flustered (3)”

    Chapter 1278: "A Little Flustered (3)"

    Just as the little black cat was getting all twisted up in worry that its Mistress could very possibly be snatched away by the great Demon Lord, Jun Wu Xie suddenly stood up and changed her clothes, and then immediately walked out from her room suddenly, making the little black cat to follow her out in a rush.

    Jun Wu Xie walked out of the room with highly quick steps, making her way towards Jun Wu Yao's room.

    Standing guard at the door and sighing heavily for his Lord, Ye Mei looked up and immediately saw Jun Wu Xie whizzing over in approach, and his eyes widened up in surprise.

    "Young Miss....."

    Before he could even finish talking, Jun Wu Xie had already made like a gust of wind, to blow past him, kicking Jun Wu Yao's room door open with a crash!

    Ye Mei was stunned speechless.

    Within the room, Jun Wu Yao who was still soaked within the cold chilly water held the crash and his brows creased up in a frown. His bare upper body glistening from the drops of water that clung on him, his wet hair plastered against his broad back, it outlined the perfect contours of his muscular frame.

    Jun Wu Yao looked in puzzlement at Jun Wu Xie who was striding into his room.

    "Little Xie....." He stood in his spot, his eyes narrowed as he looked at Jun Wu Xie who had walked to come stand right before him, the rage flames in his chest still not extinguished making his voice come out raspily.

    "I came here seeking clarification for one thing." Jun Wu Xie said as he looked at Jun Wu Yao before her eyes. This was the first time she was seeing Jun Wu Yao..... based on a human body structure's proportions, she had to say that this was the most perfect specimen of a physique she had ever seen.

    "What do you need.... to have clarified?" Under the cold and chilly water, the ragings flame that had almost been extinguished after much difficulty suddenly raged once again with her appearance. Jun Wu Yao felt his throat suddenly became exceptionally dry, his eyes unable to  remain masked in black, the violet eyes narrowed up as he fought to resist the urge wrecking upon him.

    "You..... come a little closer." Jun Wu Xie suddenly said to Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao laughed bitterly in his heart. It wasn't that he was unwilling to get close to her, but..... to him at this very moment, she possessed a highly deadly allure, and with him getting too close to her, he was afraid that he would not be able to control the beastial animal that was about to come uncaged.

    However, to Jun Wu Xie's wishes, no matter what, he would comply.

    Taking a step forward to go closer to Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao could once again smell that faint fragrance of herbs from her body, and his blood began to boil all over again.

    Everything about her, seemed to fill up his entire mind.

    "I need to confirm....." Jun Wu Xie stared at Jun Wu Yao who had come forward to stand right in front of her and she suddenly raised both her arms and put them around Jun Wu Yao's neck as she stood on her toes, planting one big kiss right upon Jun Wu Yao's highly stiffened lips!

    "....." Jun Wu Yao could only stand there with his eyes staring widely, his body not moving a single inch, as his mind suddenly exploded!

    Jun Wu Xie had mimicked the way Jun Wu Yao kissed, a clumsy imitation. After a while, when she was feeling a little breathless, she finally released her hands and took a step back.


    Upon saying that, she suddenly turned herself around, and without even turning his head back once, she walked out of the room.

    Leaving Jun Wu Yao alone within the room, unable to react at all, nor did he understand what Jun Wu Xie really wanted.

    She had kissed him again, and it was not the light peck she had given him before. It was a copy of what he did, a deeper kind of kiss. Although a little clumsy, although she seemed still a little green in this, it had been impactful like a sudden bolt out of the blue, that struck Jun Wu Yao so hard he took almost half a day to recover from it.

    Standing at the door and witnessing the entire process, Ye Mei was equally stunned to make like a statue.

    He had never ever thought that the Young Miss' sudden appearance here would actually to be..... take a bite out of his Lord Jue! ?
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