Chapter 1280: “A Little Flustered (5)”

    Chapter 1280: "A Little Flustered (5)"

    A complete collection of eight maps in their hands, it meant that the Dark Emperor's tomb was no longer a secret before Jun Wu Xie and her companions. Once the Dark Emperor's tomb was opened, Jun Wu Xie knew that their life would no longer be the same.

    With this departure, they did not know when they would be able to return, and Jun Wu Xie was in no hurry to move out immediately but was intending to leave something behind before she left.

    Ye Sha returned a few days later with Elder Huang's head being carried in his hands as he reported back.

    Jun Wu Xie had been highly busy within her room the past few days and what was most unexpected was..... that Jun Wu Yao had not come in to disturb her.

    It was only when Jun Wu Xie came out of her room that she had coincidentally spotted Jun Wu Yao peering in the direction of her room's door as he sat in the courtyard.

    She had subconsciously faced Jun Wu Yao and gave him a smile that wouldn't be considered too brilliant, kind of subdued, but nevertheless highly rare.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes widened and was taken aback, as a faint blush came onto his face.

    Ye Sha who was squatting within a dark corner had upon witnessing that scene, almost found his eyes popping out from his head.

    "It was only a few days that I have not come back and why do I feel that the world has entirely changed? Lord Jue and the Young Miss, have they switched their souls? This doesn't feel right to me." Usually, he was always seeing Jun Wu Yao tease Jun Wu Xie till her face turned all red, but today..... the person blushing had switched over instead! ?

    Towards this, Ye Mei no longer found it strange. That day, Jun Wu Yao had shut himself in his room the entire night and the water splashes had not stopped throughout. If not for Jun Wu Yao exceptional condition of his body's constitution, splashing cold water upon one's self throughout the night would have gotten anyone to collapse and bedridden.

    "You missed a really good show." Ye Mei said, his eyes giving Ye Sha a meaningful look as he patted the man on the shoulder.

    Ye Sha was even more confused.

    "In the past two days after I came back, I have been feeling that Lord Jue is acting rather strange. He hasn't been going to look for the Young Miss and has just been sitting in the courtyard to stare blankly at the Young Miss' room..... Could Lord Jue have fallen sick?" Ye Sha said in a highly concerned voice.

    A corner of Ye Mei's mouth twitched and he shook his head hastily.

    "Having served Lord Jue for so many years, have you ever seen him get close to any female?"

    Ye Sha shook his head. "Lord Jue is no common man, and he is above these mundane things like love."

    Not to mention having ever seen Jun Wu Yao get close to a girl, throughout the entire Dark Regime, they were all uniformly male, and not even the shadow of a female could be seen.

    "The Young Miss is the first female that Lord Jue has interacted with, and she is also the only one." Ye Mei said helpfully.

    Ye Sha still did not understand.

    Ye Mei gave a long sigh and walked away with his hands behind his back.

    [Having the bitterness in one's heart not understood by anyone else..... how mournful was that! ?]

    "What are you doing sitting here?" Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao as she walked slowly over to him and in the instant that he saw Jun Wu Xie, the persistent images of that alluring colourful spring he had almost uncovered that had plagued his mind these past few days resurfaced vividly, causing the blood within to rush up and give his face a reddish tinge.

    "Just sitting here for awhile. What has Little Xie been busy with these few days? I had not seen you come out." Jun Wu Yao said with a laugh, trying to pretend that there was nothing strange going on.

    For the past few days, he had not even knocked on Jun Wu Xie room door but just sat himself down in the courtyard to watch her room as he fell deep in thought.

    "I need to go find Grandfather." Jun Wu Xie said as she waved a stack of papers in her hand.

    Jun Wu Yao nodded and did not ask any further.

    But Jun Wu Xie had barely taken two steps when she suddenly turned back to look at the smiling Jun Wu Yao. She suddenly lowered her head and branded a light kiss upon Jun Wu Yao's lips and then took her things to walk away nonchalantly.....

    Jun Wu Yao sat within the courtyard his body stiffened in shock.

    Ye Sha stared with his mouth agape at the strange scene which had unfolded before his eyes. He really wanted to know just what had exactly happened in the few days that he had not been here!


    Authour's Note: Wu Xie is one who takes the initiative in love, not the type who was shy and bashful like a heartless little thief. Her awkwardness from before was due to the fact that she did not understand what was going on that's all. *Shrug
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