Chapter 1281: “This is a Revolution (1)”

    Chapter 1281: "This is a Revolution (1)"

    The little black cat following behind Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao mournfully.

    For some reason, it could not help itself but suddenly feel that the great Demon Lord was being mercilessly teased by its Mistress.

    That feeling was.....

    Truly exquisite.

    Jun Wu Xie managed to locate Jun Xian and she delivered the things she had spent the past few days writing into Jun Xian's hands.

    Jun Xian had not had a single leisurely moment these past few days. The compensation from the Condor Country that Jun Wu Xie had brought back had stirred up quite a sensation throughout the Qi Kingdom. Mo Qian Yuan and hurriedly gathered all the court officials in the Imperial Study to discuss about the matter, on how they could efficiently absorb the Condor Country's bequeathal as that was the biggest issue facing the Qi Kingdom at that moment.

    As it was a highly important and significant matter, Jun Xian had not been able to pull himself out to handle any other issues and all the affairs in the Rui Lin Army had fallen onto Jun Qing instead.

    "What is this?" Jun Xian looked at the things Jun Wu Xie had brought over as he asked with a smile.

    No matter how busy he was, once back in the Lin Palace, Jun Xian was no longer the strict Duke Lin, but a benevolent and amicable grandfather.

    "Grandfather, how rare is it to achieve the Purple Spirit in these lands?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

    Jun Xian had not expected that Jun Wu Xie would suddenly speak about this but he still said with a smile: "The Purple Spirit stands at the pinnacle of existence among the people and is extremely rare to find. Throughout the past century, only Wen Xin Han had recently broken through to attain the Purple Spirit. What made you suddenly ask me about this?"

    Jun Wu Xie said: "But, if a method exists under these Heavens that is able to let regular people attain the Purple Spirit, how would that change things?"

    Jun Xian was taken aback as he looked at Jun Wu Xie in surprise.

    The might of a Purple Spirit, regardless of where and when, would always be a matter that attracted people's attention. Whenever a Purple Spirit appeared, it would create a stir throughout the lands and all the various powers would set themselves the target to win the Purple Spirit over to them.

    Seeking to attain the Purple Spirit, was not such a simple matter everywhere.

    Close to a century's quiet cultivation would be required, and it also called for one to possess incredible innate talents. To become a Purple Spirit, regardless whether it was their inborn gifts or the harsh cultivation required throughout their lives, it was impossible if one lacked in either of the conditions. Moreover, a certain element of luck was required on top of that before one could breakthrough to the Purple Spirit.

    One must ask, under these Heavens, how many have been branded as a prodigy? There had been no lack of peerless talents named and they had all enjoyed a smooth ride throughout their cultivation journey, but how many of them had been able to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit?

    How many indigo spirits had traversed their entire life's journey unable to bridge that divide?

    Just how many people had their wings broken just to remain being indigo spirits?

    Just how many had given up everything seeking just to clamber onto that pedestal at the pinnacle and gain peerless and absolute power? In the end, how many among them had had their wishes granted?

    In the past century, there had only been one Wen Xin Han.

    For the countless people who have failed, just how many of them there were, was a fact no one knew at all.

    "That is as good as mere fantasy. If there really is such a method, the shock will surely bring untold upheaval throughout the lands." Jun Xian said after a thought, thinking that Jun Wu Xie was just asking out of curiosity and did not think much about it.

    Jun Wu Xie was instead shaking her head as she said: "It isn't really as frightening as you said Grandfather. Look carefully at the things I have just given to you."

    Jun Xian was quickly taken aback, not understanding what Jun Wu Xie was talking about and he picked up the stack of papers that Jun Wu Xie had just given to him to seriously read through every single character carefully from the beginning to the end.

    And as he read through it, he found his mind suddenly overwhelmed as it whirled, and the hands that held the papers started to shake uncontrollably.

    "Burning one's spirit power, to gain the Purple Spirit..... How..... How is this possible?" Jun Xian's voice was barely a whisper filled with incredulity. Were these characters contained within these papers telling him, that there was a method to forcibly attain the powers of a Purple Spirit! ?
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