Chapter 1282: “This is a Revolution (2)”

    Chapter 1282: "This is a Revolution (2)"

    Although it was written clearly with black ink on white parchment, Jun Xian still found it rather hard to believe.

    And just at that moment, Jun Wu Xie suddenly released her spirit power to flare out from her!

    Upon Jun Wu Xie's body, the blinding purple light shone in strong brilliance. Jun Xian's eyes widened and his mouth was wide agape as he stared at the Purple Spirit glow surrounding Jun Wu Xie's body with pure disbelief in his eyes.

    When the Qi Kingdom had been caught within a crisis back then, it had already greatly surprised the Jun Family's father and son pair when Jun Wu Xie had revealed her blue spirit. But compared to the Purple Spirit he was seeing now, what was a blue spirit?

    "This..... This is real....." Jun Xian's voice was shaking when he said that.

    Jun Wu Xie retracted the spirit power flaring out from her body and looked seriously at Jun Xian to say: "The method is not really that difficult to learn and I am handing the technique to Grandfather now because I wish for Grandfather to put it to good use by imparting it to all of the Qi Kingdom's soldiers."

    The Middle Realm had struck at the Lower Realm repeatedly all because of that dominant might, and how could Jun Wu Xie allow them to have it their way?

    [If the Lower Realm were also able to get a good grasp of this method to temporarily raise their spirit power levels, then when those people from the Middle Realm comes and tries to stir up trouble in the Lower Realm once more, it will no longer be that easy for them anymore!]

    "From where did this come about? Can it really be picked up by any regular soldier?" Jun Xian's voice was becoming uncontrollably excited.

    "It's not important where this came from. Grandfather, rest assured that what I have given you can be employed by regular people. I have already written down in detail the methodology and all that is required in there. I will need to leave again after some time and I wish that Grandfather can make full use of it." Jun Wu Xie did not want to be drawn into the issues with the Middle Realm and she was leaving this behind intending only to give the Lower Realm an opportunity to be able to save themselves.

    It was not just for the Qi Kingdom. She had prepared another two sets to be delivered to the Buckwheat Kingdom and the Fire Country.

    Although she was the Young Miss of the Qi Kingdom's Lin Palace, she was also the Fire Country's Emperor, and the Buckwheat Kingdom was in turn allied to the Fire Country.

    Among the three allied forces, Jun Wu Xie was not about to have any of them suffer a disadvantage.

    "What you have given me is too precious and for us to spread it to all our people, it will require a great deal of preparation. But don't worry, I will have the matter properly handled." Jun Xian said, his voice highly moved.

    With this technique, they would no longer have to worry about having a lack of Purple Spirits.

    Although such Purple Spirits were in no way comparable to true Purple Spirits, but think about this, if an army that was a million strong had all the men within capable of using this technique, even if it was just for a few minutes, what a glorious sight it would be! At that moment, Jun Xian just could not suppress the blood that was absolutely raging with excitement within him!

    Jun Xian then spoke a for a little while more with Jun Wu Xie and till he could wait no longer where he rushed himself to go to the Rui Lin Army's main camp to seek out Jun Qing.

    With such a priceless treasure, it would require some careful planning to have it implemented wisely.

    Jun Wu Xie watched Jun Xian's departing back and a warmth came into her heart. To be able to bring joy to the members of her family, no matter what she had to do, would ultimately be worth it.

    Having dealt with that, Jun Wu Xie then gave her prescription that widened a person's meridians to Mu Chen. With this trip to the Heaven's End Cliff, she did not know how long it would be before she would be able to return and she wanted to properly deal with all these matters so that she could then leave with her heart at ease.

    With the prescription that widened one's meridians, Jun Wu Xie wanted Mu Chen to split the elixirs into three portions after they were completed, and to provide a constant supply to the Qi Kingdom, Fire Country, and the Buckwheat Kingdom on a permanent basis. As she seeked to have the Lower Realm to no longer be oppressed by the Middle Realm, the key to having that happen would only be when the people of the Lower Realm themselves truly become stronger!
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