Chapter 1283: “Revisiting the Heaven’s End Cliff (1)”

    Chapter 1283: "Revisiting the Heaven's End Cliff (1)"

    Having concluded all her arrangements to be made, Jun Wu Xie and her companions finally set forth for the Heaven's End Cliff, to unveil the secrets of the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    Everyone climbed onto the horse carriages and went rumbling out of the Qi Kingdom's Imperial City.

    Jun Wu Xie was in the same carriage with Jun Wu Yao and within the carriage, Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit curled themselves up to stick closely to Jun Wu Xie, their eyes filled with wariness as they looked at Jun Wu Yao.

    Only the little black cat lay calmly within Jun Wu Xie's arms but the look in its eyes was rather strange as well.

    Jun Wu Yao was watching Jun Wu Xie as well. He was wondering what had happened to the lass recently as she had suddenly become a person who puts him at a complete loss. When that pair of clear and cold eyes looked at him, they seemed to be tinged with a smile and did not seem to be any different from usual, but they nevertheless still made Jun Wu Yao feel that Jun Wu Xie had changed somewhat from the past.

    Going to the Heaven's End Cliff again, Jun Wu Xie and her companions had prepared themselves very well this time. Their prior experience to the Heaven's End Cliff before was still fresh in their minds and even with the fact that they had the complete set of the maps, they still did not dare to be careless. In that place that had already claimed the lives of a countless number of people, the slightest slip up might very well cost them their lives as well.

    "Once the Dark Emperor's tomb is opened up, the Middle Realm is sure to detect something and there will surely be more of them coming into the Lower Realm at that time. Has Little Xie thought about how you are going to deal with that?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he sat with his palm holding up his chin, looking at Jun Wu Xie sitting opposite him, although he still felt that the change that had come over the little one was a little strange.

    But it must be said that that change also delighted him at the same time.

    It seemed that the distance between them had also unknowingly pulled them closer together.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. On that point, she had already thought about it. The people from the Middle Realm had racked their brains so hard to look for the Dark Emperor's tomb and expended so much laborious effort to finally come to naught. If they knew that the Dark Emperor's tomb had been opened by someone, the impact that revelation would bring to them would definitely be greater than anything that had happened before.

    Mere possession of the jade makes the innocent a criminal. Once the people in the Middle Realm found out that they had been the ones who opened the Dark Emperor's tomb, they kind of life threatening persecution they would have to face would then be more than they would be able to count.

    "Although the people from the Twelve Palaces had still not been successful in finding the exact location of the Dark Emperor's tomb, they would definitely arrange for their people to watch the place closely. When all of you open the Dark Emperor's tomb, it will naturally not escape their eyes. Hence, I will suggest that before all of you gain sufficient power, to not leave the Dark Emperor's tomb yet." Jun Wu Yao said, his voice tinged with a note of seriousness.

    Just what kind of irresistible allure the Dark Emperor's tomb had to the Middle Realm, was obvious to see with needing to even think about it.

    In order to seize for themselves the treasures the Dark Emperor's tomb contained, they would pay any price, and Jun Wu Xie together with her companions, would then become the universal targets of everyone in the Middle Realm.

    Jun Wu Xie's lips stiffened. How could she possibly not know that opening the Dark Emperor's tomb was just a beginning for much more to come.

    From the very moment once they took that first step into the Dark Emperor's tomb, it would also mean that they would have chosen to make the entire Middle Realm their enemy.

    If they did not possess the ability to protect themselves, even if they held everything that was in the Dark Emperor's tomb, it would all end up being snatched from them by the people in the Middle Realm.

    And all those efforts they had all put in would end up to just be delivering it all into the hands of the enemy.

    "I was thinking to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit inside the Dark Emperor's tomb." Jun Wu Xie said determinedly as she stared with unwavering eyes at Jun Wu Yao.

    She was now a blue spirit and to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit within a short period of time would be incredibly hard to achieve. But the current situation was however giving her no other choice but to take such a gamble.

    Everything was just barely beginning.
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